adidas Golf introduce new and sustainable No-Dye footwear collection

This special footwear model uses less water and energy to produce, which is another area where adidas Golf have tried to be more sustainable.

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Mon, 16 Aug 2021
adidas Golf introduce new and sustainable No-Dye footwear collection

adidas Golf have introduced their new, special No-Dye footwear collection, where the upper is made entirely with the material's natural colourway.

This no-dye technology works with a material’s natural colour to cut out the water-thirsty part of the process, the pre-treatment phase of conventional dye techniques.

By focusing on using the material in its natural form, adidas have used less water and energy. It's another area where they are looking for ways to be more sustainable beyond their initiative to help end plastic waste.

This unique selection will be featured in the adicross ZX PRIMEBLUE and the new ZG21 Motion footwear for both men and women.

Since adidas create so many products, they are always looking at ways they can do better about their impact on the environment, and that includes the way they use water to dye materials.

The naturally coloured fabric does require a post-treatment step to achieve the same performance qualities, yet still achieves an average of 60% savings on water and energy.

"We're continually evaluating ways to reduce our environmental impact when it comes to our products," said Masun Denison, the global director of footwear at adidas Golf.

"With this collection, we're giving golfers another reason beyond just style and performance to feel good about the shoes they're wearing."

The absence of dye in this footwear will give golfers a distinct look and style as they head to the course. Beyond the look, all models within this collection are also part of their standard to use materials to further their mission to help end plastic waste.

The No Dye Collection will be available worldwide on, the adidas app and at select retailers on Friday, August 20.