Cobra Puma's Everyday Golfers receive Tour pro and AimPoint tips at Woburn

Cobra Puma's Everyday Golfers get expert short game and putting tips before playing a former British Masters course. 

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Tue, 9 May 2023
Cobra Puma's Everyday Golfers receive Tour pro and AimPoint tips at Woburn

Cobra Puma Golf's latest 'Everyday Golfers Improvement Series' took place at the stunning Woburn Golf Club last month, and GolfMagic's Equipment Editor Alex Lodge was in attendance to provide us with the lowdown. 

CPG's brand new 'Everyday Golfers' campaign, which first launched at Pitch Soho in London in January, aims to highlight the diversity of the golfing community and the different reasons why we play the game. 

As Cobra Puma puts it to us, the new campaign is "more than just a way to show appreciation to our loyal customers but a way to celebrate the everyday golfer and their unique stories."

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Back in January, three individuals by the names of Luke, Nick and Greg were selected to join the 'Everyday Golfers' campaign.

Luke plays off 17, Nick off 10 and Greg off a very impressive +1

They were each fitted into full bags of Cobra Golf equipment including the brand new Cobra Aerojet Driver, which features in our Best Golf Drivers buyer guide for 2023. 


After a successful first outing at Pitch Soho, the boys were invited over to Woburn Golf Club for some handy golf coaching tips provided by AimPoint Putting founder Jamie Donaldson and six-time European Tour winner Simon Dyson. 

Armed with new knowledge of the increasingly popular putting method used on the PGA Tour, and other helpful short game tips, the Everyday Golfers headed out for a round on the famous Dukes Course, the former host venue of the British Masters.  

We were also joined by a few influencers such as Alex Elliott, ClubfaceUK and Tom Green

Here's a look at some highlights from our day with Cobra Puma Golf:

Here's a little recap of the day by our very own Alex Lodge, who took in the full Everyday Golfers experience at Woburn: 

"The day began with all of us heading over to the stunning practice area at Woburn to learn more about AimPoint Putting.
"Jamie Donaldson, the founder of AimPoint, was on hand to teach us more about this clever method that helps you better feel the slope and quickly improve your aim on the greens. 
"AimPoint has seemingly been in the news for all the wrong reasons this year, with certain players taking far too long to read short and long putts.
"For example, Paige Spiranac blasted the 'brutal' pace of play from the likes of Viktor Hovland when using it at The Masters. 
"But Jamie quickly busted such myths about it slowing the game down as he told us the AimPoint Putting process should take only take 10 seconds! 
"Jamie showed us the basics and we got a better understanding of how to use our feet to better feel the slope of the putt. He then got us to stand over a short but tricky six-foot putt with some break. 
"After we got the hang of it, we then moved on to longer putts, double-breakers, and slow and quick putts. 
"It seemed like Luke, Nick and Greg understood it all pretty quickly, but taking it all out on to the Duke's Course was an entirely different beast! 
"From my own experience of using AimPoint in recent weeks, I must admit it has proven hugely beneficial to my game on the greens. I actually used it at my home track Mannings Heath last week and had my lowest strokes-gained putting statistic all season... so I am definitely converted (for now at least). 
"After taking in the benefits of AimPoint, we then met up with six-time European Tour winner Simon Dyson, who actually used to write a regular column for us here at GolfMagic back in the day!
"Simon was on hand to help us out with our chipping and he gave us some other little short game tips and tricks in the process. Simon's finesse around the greens was clear for all of us to see after just one shot, as he chipped the ball to within inches of the cup. 
"The key takeaway from our lesson with Dyson was how loft was the key factor in deciding how to play a chip shot. 
"We then moved on to a bunker masterclass where Greg showcased his +1 handicap from the sand, splashing balls out consistently with different trajectories. 
"From what I could tell when speaking to each of the Everyday Golfers at Woburn, they all took something away from the instruction series and they were keen to put their new knowledge immediately into play at the first time of asking out on the picturesque Dukes Course. 
"The Dukes isn't the easiest golf course in the world having hosted multiple British Masters down the years. If you miss the fairways around here, you are often scrambling just for a bogey! The Dukes is also known for being narrow off the tee, so our Everyday Golfers were certainly up against it. Each of them performed nicely though, and it was a fantastic day all round, so a big thanks to Cobra Puma Golf." 

Before Luke, Nick and Greg headed out onto the Dukes Course, we got them to predict their scores for a bit of fun! 

Here's how they got on: 

WITBs: Cobra's Everyday Golfers 2023

Luke Mitchell (17) WITB:

Driver: Aerojet 10.5, Kai’li Blue 60 Stiff 
Fairway: Aerojet 3 + 5 wood, Kai’li Blue 60 Stiff 
Hybrid: Aerojet 4 HYB, KBS 80 Stiff 
Irons: Forged Tec, 5-pw, KBS $ Taper Lite Stiff 
Wedges: Snake Bite 
Putter: King Vintage Stingray 40 

Nick Rees (10) WITB: 

Driver: Aerojet 10.5, Kai’li White 60 X-Stiff 
Fairway: Aerojet 5 wood, Kai’li 70 X-Stiff
Hybrid: Aerojet 4 HYB one-length, KBS PGI 85 Stiff 
Irons: King Tour 5-pw, Modus 120 Stiff
Wedges: Snake Bite 
Putter: King Vintage Nova 

Greg Peters (+1) WITB: 

Driver: Aerojet LS 10.5, Kai’li White 60 X-stiff
Fairway: Aerojet LS 5 wood, 17.5 (Set to 16 degree) Kai’li White 70 X-Stiff 
Utility: King Tec Utility 3 iron 19 degree, KBS $-Taper Stiff
Irons: King MB 4-PW, KBS $-taper Stiff 
Wedges: Snake Bite
Putter: King 3D Printed Agera Armlock 

Keep it locked to the GolfMagic social media channels and the GolfMagic website to see how the Cobra Puma Everyday Golfers continue to progress this season. 

Have you used any new Cobra Golf equipment this season? We'd love to know how you are getting on with your game this season, so come and share your thoughts and comments over on the GolfMagic YouTube Channel. 

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