Meet Cobra's Everyday Golfers

What's in the Bags of Cobra's Everyday Golfers, including a GolfMagic competition winner...

Meet Cobra's Everyday Golfers

Cobra Puma Golf UK's Everyday Golfers campaign is more than just a way to show appreciation to loyal customers, it's a way to celebrate the everyday golfer and their unique stories.

The campaign, which launched at Pitch Soho on January 19, aims to highlight the diversity of the golfing community and the different reasons why people play the game.

Alongside Cobra advocates that were fitted and seeded a brand new Cobra Aerojet Driver, which featured prominently in our latest Best Golf Drivers buyer guide, three individuals were selected to be fitted in full bags and coaching sessions. 

Luke Mitchell, the first featured golfer, is a perfect example of someone who discovered a love for the game later after playing numerous other sports. He was introduced to golf by his uncle and quickly became hooked on the sport during the pandemic.

Hitting the golf course around two-three times per week, Lukes an avid golfer who’s excited to be a part of the campaign and to continue to develop his golf game.

Nick Rees, our GolfMagic competition winner, has been playing golf for 12 years and takes to the course every couple of weeks with friends around the Kent area.

He's looking to play more golf this year and lower his scores. He represents the everyday golfer who plays for fun and enjoyment, rather than competitively. It’s a game to socialise with friends, and not to win the monthly medal. 

Finally, there's Greg Peters, a former Europro player and currently a member at Ingestre Park Golf Club in Staffordshire. Greg’s great example of how golf can be a source of solace and healing.

After the tragic loss of his long-term girlfriend, Anna, in a car accident at the end of 2021, Greg turned to golf to cope and make a difference.

He completed a continuous 24 hours of golf to raise money for charity and spread awareness about organ donation, raising over £12,000!

Greg is using the campaign as an opportunity to improve his game and honour the memory of his loved one.


Overall, the Everyday Golfers campaign aims to showcase the different paths that lead people to the game, the different reasons why they play and the impact that golf has on their lives.

All three Everyday Golfers will continue their journey at an improvement series with Cobra’s top coaches, Simon Dyson, Jamie Donaldson and Alex Elliott to help them improve their game with the new clubs. 

So what’s going in their bags?!

Luke Mitchell WITB:

Driver: Aerojet 10.5, Kai’li Blue 60 Stiff 
Fairway: Aerojet 3 + 5 wood, Kai’li Blue 60 Stiff 
Hybrid: Aerojet 4 HYB, KBS 80 Stiff 
Irons: Forged Tec, 5-pw, KBS $ Taper Lite Stiff 
Wedges: Snake Bite 
Putter: King Vintage Stingray 40 

Nick Rees WITB: 

Driver: Aerojet 10.5, Kai’li White 60 X-Stiff 
Fairway: Aerojet 5 wood, Kai’li 70 X-Stiff
Hybrid: Aerojet 4 HYB one-length, KBS PGI 85 Stiff 
Irons: King Tour 5-pw, Modus 120 Stiff
Wedges: Snake Bite 
Putter: King Vintage Nova 

Greg Peters WITB: 

Driver: Aerojet LS 10.5, Kai’li White 60 X-stiff
Fairway: Aerojet LS 5 wood, 17.5 (Set to 16 degree) Kai’li White 70 X-Stiff 
Utility: King Tec Utility 3 iron 19 degree, KBS $-Taper Stiff
Irons: King MB 4-PW, KBS $-taper Stiff 
Wedges: Snake Bite
Putter: King 3D Printed Agera Armlock 

To follow more on the Everyday Golfer, follow @CPGUKI on Instagram.

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