Alex from GolfMagic put the new Bettinardi 2022 INOVAI 8.0 putter up against the MacGregor CG-3000 putter from a package set to assess their performances. 

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Mon, 9 May 2022
EXPENSIVE VS CHEAP GOLF PUTTER TEST! What are the key differences?

The choice of a putter is very personal to the golfer. One player may have a favourite putter that feels entirely different to another player's idea of perfect.

Alex from GolfMagic reviewed the new Bettinardi 2022 INOVAI 8.0 and a cheaper option in the MacGregor CG-3000 putter from a package set to compare their performances and feel.

The Bettinardi INOVAI 8.0 will cost you £375 whereas the MacGregor club will likely cost you around £30. There is a huge difference in price, but is there in performance?

The Bettinardi putter is made with a 303 stainless steel front with a 6061 aluminium back. There is a lot of technology packed into this putter. As for the MacGregor CG-3000, it is part of a beginner's set so the cutting edge technology is limited.

The Bettinardi has a very high MOI too. They are both mallet putters and when you look down on them, they are both very pleasing to look at.

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In terms of feel, the Bettinardi INOVAI 8.0 putter has a very nice feel and this is where you can tell the price difference. The connection and feedback from the clubface are far more impressive.

The roll feels far more true as well and this is why you're required to pay more for this putter. But as Alex states, the right putter for you is not necessarily the most expensive one.

If you are a beginner, you should aim to control your spending and build your financial commitments as your time in golf progresses. Therefore, the MacGregor CG-3000 could be perfect for you.

Spending £375 on a putter is a decision for when you have got to an advanced stage and you should also consider a custom fitting session too.

If we go back to the performance of these two putters, the multi-material head in the Bettinardi club is very pleasing to hit and again, this is where the price tag becomes relevant.

You could argue that the putter doesn't matter if you have a poor putting stroke, which is true. But in terms of feel, construction and design, the Bettinardi INOVAI 8.0 putter ticks more boxes than the MacGregor CG-3000 putter.



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