Motocaddy launches 'Power at your Fingertips' video

New M5 GPS touchscreen model brought to life with CGI graphics.

Motocaddy launches 'Power at your Fingertips' video
Motocaddy launches 'Power at your Fingertips' video

Motocaddy, the world’s biggest-selling electric trolley brand, has launched a new ‘Power at your Fingertips’ video showcasing the revolutionary features on its award-winning, compact-folding M5 GPS model.

The video, produced using cutting-edge Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), illustrates the game-changing benefits on the world’s first compact-folding touchscreen electric trolley in eye-catching HD graphics.

The features highlighted include, the high-resolution LCD touchscreen display that is glove friendly and ultra-responsive in all weather; a fully integrated, high performance GPS system which doesn’t require an external device; 40,000 pre-loaded courses featuring front, middle and back distances; drag and drop pin positions, hazard planning and shot measurement along with clock, round timer and score tracking all found on the touchscreen display.

Optional smartphone notifications - including text, email, calls and app alerts - also feature, as well as the lifesaving AED locator with CPR instructions; Wi-Fi powered course and firmware updates; USB device charging; Adjustable Distance Control; the simple compact-folding design; a lightweight, waterproof Lithium battery; and the exclusive EASILOCK bag connection system.

“The video reflects all the benefits a modern golfer is currently looking for in an electric trolley,” said John Helas, Motocaddy CEO. “Golfers can watch in incredible detail what the trolley features and why it could be just the model they've been waiting for,” he added.

Watch Motocaddy's Power at your Fingertips video below:

The video was produced by award-winning production company, iSite that includes Samsung, Sony and Wickes in its portfolio of clients.

“We’ve produced a number of eye-catching product videos like this in the past and the CGI graphics combined with hi-tech presentation always receives a great reaction from golfers around the world,” said Oliver Churcher, Marketing Manager of Motocaddy.

For more information on all Motocaddy products, including trolleys, bags, batteries and accessories, please visit or follow @MotocaddyGolf on social media.

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