Page 2: TaylorMade putter and golf ball demand

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Fri, 26 May 2017

Page 2: TaylorMade putter and golf ball demand

TaylorMade Sports Marketing representative 'Waggles' checking the specs on another Spider Tour (Photo: TaylorMade)

Another trend that shows no signs of slowing down is the phenomenal demand for the Spider Tour putter.

Across the pond there is such clamour that the putter has been #1 model for a vast number of weeks now. That demand seems to be gathering pace now that the TaylorMade tour truck is out on the road and the fitters have full component availability to work with.

At the BMW PGA Championship this week, there are 15 Spider Tours in play - with the 36-hole leader Molinari being one of them. 

"It's great" said Rietveld. "For years we've had players coming up to us telling us they'd like to try our metalwoods because they know they'll get the performance. Now for the first time in my experience, certainly, we're having players come and request the putters. We've only had them available for two weeks really and the uptake is really positive."

Darren Hill grinding an MG wedge for French star Victor Dubuisson (Photo: Getty Images)

The tightly cut fairways and firm conditions at Wentworth this week demand everything from the players and it's therefore little surprise that the technicians have spent a lot of their time adjusting and tweaking wedges, with various grinds and bounces being put together as the TaylorMade stars seek the ultimate ingredients for success.

One of those making a change to do so was Martin Kaymer, who has switched to the TP5x ball with his sunflower logo and #59, his lowest round of golf.

Kaymer's decision to switch means that there is now a full quota of 100% TaylorMade players in Europe using the new ball that is making waves in the golf world. 

Martin Kaymer's #59 TP5X balls, the number chosen to reflect his lowest ever score (Photo: TaylorMade)

"Martin is constantly looking for perfection in launch conditions," said Rietveld. "The flight for his long irons is something that is extremely important to Martin and the TP5x gives him that." 

With such a plethora of long par 4s and par 5 approaches at the newly re-designed West Course, it is of little surprise that this week was one of particular importance for Kaymer to have the new ball in play.

It even resulted in one of TaylorMade's sports marketing team in Basingstoke having to drive an extra couple of dozen to the course in order to ensure adequate coverage for the upcoming weeks.

"Whatever they need to compete," said Rietveld.