Scotty Cameron introduces new Phantom X 12.5 putter

Phantom 12.5 X features low-bend shaft configuration and Tour-inspired single milled sight line...

Scotty Cameron introduces new Phantom X 12.5 putter

Scotty Cameron has added a new model to its 2019 Phantom X family with the introduction of the Phantom X 12.5. 

The new putter, according to Scotty Cameron, has been designed to "meet the needs of players seeking a stable mallet with more toe flow and a new alignment option."

Scotty Cameron introduces new Phantom X 12.5 putter

Also available in a left-handed model, the putter hope to be love at first sight for many Scotty fans as it hits the shelves on February 14. 

The new Phantom X 12.5 putter joins a cohesive Phantom X family that now includes 10 modern mallet designs built around five different head styles.

Phantom X 12.5 provides golfers with a new setup option that features a low-bend shaft configuration and a Tour-inspired single milled sightline - built around the family's flagship model, the high-MOI Phantom X 12.

Like every putter in the lineup, the Phantom X 12.5 incorporates Scotty’s tour-inspired, multi-material construction methodology of combining 303 stainless steel and 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium for increased MOI, optimal weight distribution, forgiveness, improved sound and responsive feedback.

“Every time we introduce a new putter line, I receive requests from tour players and dedicated golfers for additional setups and configurations," said Scotty Cameron.

"Phantom X 12.5 is the result of some of those requests. I added the low-bend shaft for extra toe flow and also designed a new alignment option by milling a single sight line down the center painted black for a very clean look from address.

"It really sets up nicely. Adding this new model also gave me the opportunity to make a left-handed version designed so everyone can take advantage of the performance benefits of the Phantom X 12.5."

Scotty Cameron introduces new Phantom X 12.5 putter


> LOW-BEND SHAFT CONFIGURATION: The Phantom X 12.5 has a stepless steel shaft with one shaft of offset and a single “low-bend” designed to aim directly down the target line and promote an arc path for more toe flow in the putting stroke.

> TOUR-INSPIRED ALIGNMENT: Addressing requests from tour players and dedicated golfers alike, Scotty added a continuous, single center sight line milled from the leading edge to the back of the flange – painted gloss black – offering a new alignment feature for the Phantom X line.

> LEFT-HANDED MODEL: Adding a new configuration to the family, the Phantom X 12.5 is also available for left-handed players.

MULTI-MATERIAL HEAD WITH SOLID FACE TECHNOLOGY: The Phantom X 12.5 mallet is constructed with a standard-milled, 6061 aircraft aluminium face anodised black that extends back and through the flange area surrounded by heavier 303 stainless steel wings for high-MOI and stability.

Scotty Cameron introduces new Phantom X 12.5 putter


New Phantom X 12.5 putters feature the line’s advanced stability weighting with two, customisable stainless steel heel-toe weights and stepless steel shafts, as well as the Pistolero Plus grip in cement grEy with gloss black paintfill.


The Phantom X 12.5 model’s aircraft grade aluminium components have been anodised black in a misted finish that helps to reduce sun glare. The stainless steel putter head components have also been misted for a radiant yet glare resistant appearance. The single milled sight line, painted gloss black, provides a subtle tone-on-tone visual alignment guide.


Scotty Cameron Phantom X 12.5 putters will be available in North America on December 12, 2019, and worldwide on February 14, 2020 in Titleist authorised golf shops. 

SRP: £399

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