Under Armour launches HOVR Drive golf shoe

Under Armour Golf’s newest shoe delivers golfers with "total comfort" and "powerful energy return"

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Fri, 8 Mar 2019
Under Armour launches HOVR Drive golf shoe


Under Armour Golf claims it has created a new golf shoe that provides full-round comfort without sacrificing the responsive energy return naturally generated by the golf swing with the HOVR Drive. 




Rounds of golf are long, and exhausting if your footwear is uncomfortable. In the HOVR Drive, you get full length HOVR cushioning from the heel to the forefoot. Paired with a lightweight midsole and outsole, and an integrated lacing system, your feet will feel as good on the 18th as they did on hole 1.


The UA HOVR Drive features Under Armour’s proprietary UA HOVR cushioning. This technology provides a soft underfoot, yet delivers explosive energy return shot after shot. The golf swing starts from the ground up and, with UA HOVR cushioning, ground reaction forces can be harnessed for responsive power. 


Comfort means nothing if you’re not locked in through a swing. RST 2.0 rotational resistance spikes on the HOVR Drive delivers traction to prevent rotational slippage as the foot turns and pivots through the swing, while the green-friendly Softspike Silver Tornado spikes provide horizontal traction to walk the course in comfort.

"With most other cushioning platforms, you have to choose softness or responsiveness, but not so with the HOVE Drive," said Under Armour Golf director Mike Forsey. "UA HOVR cushioning technology ensures total underfoot comfort and superior energy return."

SRP: £140