Motocaddy HydroFlex bag review: "The perfect bag for year round golf"

Motocaddy is renowned for creating exceptional golf bags, so to see how the new HydroFLEX stand bag performed, we got it out on the course. 

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Tue, 31 Oct 2023
Motocaddy HydroFLEX

Need To Know

Its lightweight design makes it a joy to carry, detachable straps allow for seamless trolley use, durable waterproof fabric provides excellent protection from the elements, ample storage for everything you need on the course
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PRICE: £219.99 YEAR: from 2023

Motocaddy HydroFLEX bag Key Features:

  • Five full‑length dividers: keeps clubs separated & prevents snagging
  • 4‑point fully‑adjustable dual carry strap: provides maximum carry comfort and adapts to every golfer
  • Waterproof fabric: TPU Coated Nylon ensures belongings stay dry
  • Thermo sealed & heat‑welded seams: ultimate waterproof protection
  • Five spacious pockets: generous storage ensures space for essential items

When it comes to golf bags, few brands make them as well as Motocaddy, and its HydroFlex stand bag is undoubtedly one of the best on the market right now. 

Boasting a host of practical features and a fresh new design, Motocaddy's 2023 offering covers every base when it comes to what you want from a golf bag. 

Adaptable to all conditions and easily adjustable for both carrying and cart use, the HydroFLEX is one of the most versatile bags we have tested and would be well-suited for players who want one bag to use for the whole golf season. 

To find out how it would perform out on the course, we took it out for testing at Hunstanton Golf Club.

Let's get into it.


Sticking to the proven formula that received such critical acclaim in 2022, Motocaddy has opted to keep its grey-on-grey colour scheme with red detailing on the zips. This straightforward design is understated and very clean.

The new model also features red detailing on the corded handle and straps, which are welcome additions, as the cord is nice and thick, which gives the bag an added luxury touch that we loved. 

Another new detail is the chrome Motocaddy badge that sits just above the carry handle. While only a small change, it once again gives the bag that added quality that goes a long way to improving the overall design.

Both of these added details, while only minor, really elevate the whole look of the bag, and we think they provide a noticeable upgrade from the 2022 model.

Motocaddy has also decided to make its logo smaller on the large side pocket, which we think is a good change. While the old logo size was by no means an eye-sore, we think the new smaller logo ties in better with the overall aesthetic of the bag. 


When it comes to golf bags, looks are important, but functionality is where the best separates themselves from the rest. 

Offering five well-placed seam-sealed pockets, a deep umbrella holster, a giant water bottle holder, and a strong metal bag tag, this bag truly has it all.

Starting off with pockets, it's immediately apparent that the designers at Motocaddy play a lot of golf themselves. The five pockets are not only well positioned, but they are also cavernous, giving you a huge amount of space to carry everything you might need on the course. 

The large ball pocket on the front of the bag could honestly fit about 100 balls if you were strong enough and bad enough at golf to need them. The large apparel pocket that runs down the side of the bag had plenty of space for us to fit a full set of waterproofs and a jumper, while the valuables pockets on either side had plenty of space for any additional on-course essentials you might need. 

We typically use the smaller pocket on the right side of the bag for tees, but it could also be utilised as a very handy spot for your phone if you need quick and easy access to it throughout your round. 

Additional storage includes a very deep insulated water bottle holder that had no problem at all carrying our water bottle and an additional Lucozade. 

The incorporated umbrella holster is also a great feature that keeps the inside of your bag from getting overly cluttered. 

Getting your clubs in and out of your bag easily is also fundamental to any good golf bag, and thankfully, the five full-length dividers did a fantastic job of preventing any congestion within the bag, making pulling clubs out and slotting them back in incredibly easy.

While we didn't experience any rain during our round, we were keen to test out just how waterproof the bag was. Thankfully, we had plenty of room for our water bottle, so we decided to pour its contents all over the pockets to see if everything would stay dry. 

We're pleased to report that we aren't in need of a new phone or wallet, and everything else within the bag also remained bone dry despite the bag being covered in a litre of Norfolk's finest. 


Coming in at only 2.3kg, this bag is remarkably light considering all the features and space it has. Slipping it on at the start of our round, we were immediately impressed with the level of comfort on offer, provided by both the straps and the moulded hip pad.

That level of comfort stayed consistent throughout the round, and we didn't notice any annoying snagging or catching when taking the bag on and off.

Overall, the bag was a jot to carry, and although our legs might not have been up for it, we would have happily carried it for an additional round in the afternoon.

Speaking of additional rounds, they are often tempting, but we wouldn't blame even the fittest golfer for wanting to switch to a trolley to complete 36 holes in a day.

That specific scenario is another area in which the HydroFLEX excels.


A key component of any golf bag is the straps. Thankfully, Motocaddy has absolutely nailed the straps on this bag. Lightweight, comfortable and, most importantly, easily adjustable, these straps also feel very durable, which is key if you want to use the bag year-round. 

Another additional detail that the brand has incorporated is the one-click removal process. By simply clicking a button at the four points to which the straps connect to the bag, you can easily remove them, which is ideal when you want to use a trolley. 

Once your straps are stored away in one of the pockets, the only thing that remains is fixing your bag to a trolley. Thanks to Motocaddy's EASILOCK compatible base, this task is incredibly easy.

While the EASILOCK is best used with a Motocaddy trolley, thanks to its ability to simply slot in without the need for straps, the base also works very well with a wide variety of trolleys, allowing it to remain stable without twisting throughout the round. 

We trialled this on a simple push trolley, and once you have strapped the legs in with the handy stand lock, the bag stayed very straight when we pulled it around. It's incredibly annoying when your bag slides to one side on a trolley, but thankfully, that's one less thing to worry about with the HydroFLEX.

Should you buy the Motocaddy HydroFlex bag?

The short answer to this question is a resounding yes. This bag has everything you could ever want from a golf bag, and it should definitely be high on your list if you are looking to upgrade soon. 

The looks, functionality and versatility are all second to none, and coming in at a very reasonable price point, it also offers excellent value for money.

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