Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley Review: "Ultimate electric trolley experience"

Sleek and solid design, intuitive GPS and a best in class remote control, the M7 GPS truly offers the ultimate electric trolley experience.

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Wed, 21 Jun 2023
Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley

Need To Know

Intuitive remote control; 40,000 courses pre loaded on to the GPS System, really impressive LCD touch screen; extremely sturdy wheels for all terrain; incredibly easy to fold out and put away.
Performance plan is an additional payment after one year.
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PRICE: £1499.00 YEAR: from 2023

Motocaddy M7 GPS - Key Features

  • Fully integrated GPS system: pre loaded with 40,000 courses worldwide with accurate green visuals and hazard information
  • 3.5. inch LCD touchscreen: super responsive and crystal clear it even works when wearing a glove
  • Pocket-sized remote-control: allowing you to control the trolley from afar, moving it left, right, forward or back
  • Anti-tip wheel: smaller rear wheel designed to stop the trolley tipping over on uneven terrain

The newest addition to Motocaddy's compact M-Series of electric trolleys, the ever popular M7 remote has been given an upgrade for 2023 with the integration of an inbuilt GPS system. The product of this upgrade is the very impressive M7 GPS. 

Two of the most popular models on the market, the M5 GPS from Motocaddy offers an industry leading GPS system, while the M7 Remote is highly regarded as one of the best remote controlled trolleys available. Motocaddy, being the smart people that they are, decided to combine the two models to create the ultimate trolley experience. Say hello to the M7 GPS. 

Straight out the box we knew we were going to enjoy using this electric golf trolley. The solid and stylish design was quick and easy to put together and we had it up and ready to go in no time. It was at this point we started to have a look at the finer details and we were particularly struck by two things.

First, the LCD touchscreen is bigger than we thought it would be. Measuring 3.5 inches, the screen offers plenty of space to navigate the inbuilt system and takes advantage of the many excellent features it provides, but we will come on to those in more detail later.

The second thing we instantly liked was the weight and design of the wheels. No trolley is going anywhere without a good set of wheels and the M7 GPS has certainly got them. They are incredibly sturdy and looked like they would provide excellent traction on all ground conditions. A key factor when using your trolley on wet and windy days.

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So off to the course we went. The compact M7 GPS folded up nicely in the back of our car, and a handy feature that allows the rear wheels to be inverted to save space, made fitting it in the boot, that much easier. 

Getting the trolley out at the course was once again a straight forward process with the trolley folding out easily with only a few clicks. It was at this point that we also had to manually attach the anti tip wheel, which in an ideal world would be fixed to the body and foldable away, but that's only a very minor inconvenience.

Firing up the GPS system, we were met with a bright and clear display that was very intuitive and easy to use even for the first time. The system offers a range of features including green visuals, hazard information, smart phone notifications, speed settings and many more. With over 40,000 courses pre-loaded onto the system, the GPS was quick to find our chosen course Mannings Heath and we were all set to start our round. 

We're going to start by looking at the green visuals and hazard information as we found those to be the most useful features. Stood on the tee or fairway you are given precise yardages to the front back and middle of the green, providing you a great idea of its depth. This function also offers a dynamic drag and drop pin so you can select exactly where on the green the hole is for increased accuracy on your yardages. 

The hazard information was also incredibly useful as it gives you exact yardages to any water or bunkers that may be lurking out of sight. We found this particularly handy during our round, when we knew exactly how far we would need to hit a shot to cover a bunker in front of the green.

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An electric scorecard and smart phone notifications are also neat tools that allow you to keep your phone and scorecard in your bag for a more enjoyable walking experience. The smart phone notifications allow you to see on-screen alerts from apps including Facebook on Whatsapp. 

If you buy the M7 GPS you also get a free one-year subscription to Motocaddy's performance plan. The performance plan unlocks a variety of extra features for the trolley, including access to full-hole mapping, enhanced detail green views and additional score and statistic tracking.   

We found the full-hole mapping and enhanced green view to be the best added features of the bunch. The full-hole mapping gives you a clear overview of the hole, with hazards and lay up points easy to check with just a quick tap on the screen. 

While the performance plan is free for 12 months, you will need to pay an annual fee of £49.99 if you wish to keep it. While not a huge fee, we do feel that with the premium price of the trolley, it would be better if the plan was included without cost. 

The remote control is very easy to use and after a quick test run on the practice ground we were able to manipulate the trolley's movement with accuracy. A simple and lightweight design that can easily be slipped in and out of your pocket, or attached to the trolley itself, the remote has five buttons which allowed us to stop and start the trolley as well as move it left, right, forward or back.

We had no problem letting the trolley wonder off down the fairway thanks to the remote's 100m+ range, and even on slopes it can maintain a consistent speed thanks to Motocaddy's (DHC) Down Hill Control, an excellent feature that will really benefit golfers who play on hilly courses.

The trolley glided easily across fairways, and even on more uneven terrain it handled undulation remarkably well. It was on the more tricky surfaces that the anti-tip rear wheel really came into its own.

On hills or sever bumps when the trolley could be inclined to rock back, the anti-tip wheel instantly sprung into action, supporting the back of the trolley and allowing it to continue on its path without falling over. This was a great feature that will no doubt save plenty of golfers the embarrassment of having to repack their entire bag in the middle of a round.

As we had initially highlighted, we suspected that the wheels on the M7 GPS would provide excellent traction, and our suspicion was confirmed when near the end of our round the heavens began to open. Thankfully the rain was no match for the all terrain tires and we continued on our round without an issue. 

Before we give our summary of the M7 GPS, there are two more features that are worth highlighting. We were lucky enough to be sent a Motocaddy Pro-Series cart bag for our testing and thanks to the brands innovative EASILOCK technology, the bag was incredibly easy to mount on the trolley without the need for a lower bag strap.

While EASILOCK is only compatible with Motocaddy bags, we were curious to see how other bags faired. Thankfully we can confirm that strapping any stand or cart bag to the trolley is an incredibly straightforward process. 

A USB charging point integrated into the handle of the trolley was an extra little detail that we liked.  Having the option to give your phone a charge on the course  is a small but thoughtful design feature, that could come in handy when you need to text your significant other that you're heading out for another 18 holes after lunch. 

Should you buy the Motocaddy M7 GPS Electric Trolley?

All in all we think the Motocaddy M7 GPS is the best electric trolley on the market in 2023.

The integrated GPS makes plotting your way around any golf course an effortless task, while the remote control and anti-tip wheel mean you can roam freely while your trolley does all the heavy lifting. Transporting your clubs has never been easier and the M7 GPS makes walking 18 holes a much more enjoyable experience. 

You can tell Motocaddy spent a great deal of time consulting golfers to figure out what they value most in an electric trolley and the results are clear to see. We would highly recommend this trolley to any golfer, young or old. It's suitable for anyone who's looking for an excellent on course companion that can help improve your golf and remove the strain of carrying a heavy bag. 

At a premium price, there are certainly cheaper club carrying option out there, but if you want the ultimate electric trolley experience then the M7 GPS is well worth the price you'll pay. 

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