Sun Mountain H2NO Lite 14-way Adventure Golf Bag Review

GolfMagic tests out the new Sun Mountain H2NO Lie 14-way Adventure Golf bag.

Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Waterproof construction kept all of our valuables and clubs bone-dry
The topographical design provides unique visual appeal
14-way divider keeps clubs organised with ease
The water bottle pocket encroaches into the ball pocket
£385 is a lot to pay for a golf bag

Sun Mountain H2NO Lite 14-way Adventure Golf Bag: Key Features

  • Seven pockets: include a cooler pocket, velour-lined valuables pocket & full length clothing pocket
  • E.Z Fit Dual Strap: allows for an easy pick up
  • 14-way top: with full-length box dividers to prevent bag congestion
  • Full waterproof: seam-sealed pockets keep your valuables and clubs protected from the elements
  • Lightweight construction: weighing only 2.6kg

Not all golf bags are created equal, and the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite was designed with a particularly impressive selection of features and benefits, making it one of the best golf bags on the market in 2024.

Finding the right golf bag is one of the quickest ways of improving your experience on the course, and much like Rolls Royce is renowned for making the best luxury cars, Sun Mountain carries the crown in the land of golf bags.

We've had the pleasure of meeting Sun Mountain's R&D Director, Seth Enes, and within five minutes of speaking to him, we had a full appreciation for the amount of thought and consideration that goes into each and every bag.

Seth himself is a golfer, and that first-hand experience really does shine through when using the bag.

To find out just how good this bag could be, we took it out for a number of rounds in the sun and, at times, torrential rain to really put it through its paces.

Let's get into it.

Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure

Undoubtedly one of the more striking designs we have seen so this year, the Sun Mountain Adventure has a topographical map-like design that utilises a variety of lines to create curved shapes around the body of the bag. 

We must admit, when we first saw this design, we weren't quite sure what to make of it. The bright colours and lively graphics are in your face, and for some that might be a bit too much.

Having used the bag for a number of rounds, however, we've really come around to the design, and it provides a nice point of difference to the vast majority of options on the market. 

The primary colour of the body is  a sort of indigo colour, and it's complemented beautifully by a colour Sun Mountain calls 'Tango', a fitting name for such a bold and bright orange. 

The Sun Mountain branding is kept relatively low-key, which we very much like, while the perforated texture on the hip pad adds a lovely luxury touch that also adds to the level of comfort on offer. 

All in all, we're big fans of this design. While it's certainly loud, it's done so tastefully.

Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure

It's also worth noting that Sun Mountain offers a premium embroidery option that allows you to put your name and club crest on the ball pocket.

Personalisation does come with a small upcharge, but if you want to represent your club with pride, it's a price worth paying. 

Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure

So, we have a resounding tick in the looks department, but how did the bag perform on the course with regard to usability?

There are seven pockets on the bag, each with its very own function.

A large clothing pocket runs down the entire length of the outside of the bag. This provides plenty of space, and we managed to fit a full set of waterproofs in it without any issues.

The valuables pocket is split into two levels, which was particularly handy when separating things out in order to prevent any scratching. For example, we were able to put our car keys in the bottom compartment, while our phone easily slid into the top one, thus preventing the two from rubbing or knocking together, causing damage. 

Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure

The valuables pocket is also velour lined, which means it's a delight to put your hand in and provides a softer touch for any delicate valuables. 

On the other side of the bag, there is another medium-sized pocket, which is great for a hat or perhaps some balls. 

It's handily positioned so you can easily access it when you're walking with the bag on your back. 

We then get to the two pockets on the back of the bag: the ball pocket and the water bottle pocket. 

These were the only two that we thought slightly let the design down.

The water bottle pocket is vast and could easily hold a litre bottle of water. The issue is how much it encroaches into the ball pocket. 

When you don't have a bottle of water, it's no problem at all; you can reach into the ball pocket and rummage around with ease. However, once a bottle of water is in the bottle pocket, it takes up a huge amount of space in the ball pocket due to the proximity of the two pockets. 

While this isn't a huge issue, we did find it slightly frustrating, especially when looking for something particular in the ball pocket. 

Of course, we could have taken stuff out of the ball pocket knowing this, but that kind of makes the pocket itself redundant, which is a bit of a flaw in the design. 

Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure

The last pocket, and perhaps our favourite, is the webbed one that sits above the water bottle pocket.

This small patch of webbing is a secure and convenient place to put your phone if you like to have it easily accessible during your round.

Additional features include plastic rings to attach a range finder or towel to and a velcro patch to attach your glove.

Moving on to the top, the 14-way divider is an absolute pleasure to use. If, like us, you find it annoying when your clubs get congested in your bag, then this system will suit you down to the ground. 

Thanks to the full length dividers, each club slides in and out without an issue, a small detail that we believe makes a world of difference. 

Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure

As you might have guessed from the name, this bag is also fully waterproof, and we really put that to the test yesterday when we got caught in what felt like a tropical storm.

Thankfully the bag held fast, and on closer inspection of all the pockets, not a drop had managed to get through the seams or zips. 

Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure

It's also worth noting that the legs are particularly sturdy. Sun Mountain has eliminated flimsy pole-like legs and opted for much more premium blade-shaped ones.

They snapped in and out with no issues, and while perhaps not as important, they also look very modern, which ties in with the overall visual appeal of the bag. 

Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure

Weighting just 2.6 kg, this bag is certainly on the light side considering its features. When we picked it up on our back for the first time, it certainly felt comfy across the shoulders. 

The padded straps and hip pad provide a suitable level of cushioning, which allowed us to carry the bag for 18 holes without any issues at all.

Another feature offered on this bag, which is excellent, its the E.Z Fit dual straps. The straps have a sliding function at the base, which allows the left strap to hang low, making it very easy to slip onto your shoulders.

Once mounted on your back, the strap then slides easily back into a comfortable position, and we noticed no slipping during our numerous rounds.

Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure
Sun Mountain H2NO Adventure

With this bag, switching from carrying to a trolley was a piece of cake, and the sturdy base also slotted onto a buggy with ease. Unlike some bags, there is no strap slip-through system, which meant accessing the higher-up pockets became a bit of an issue. 

Despite that, this is a very versatile bag that can just as easily be transported on a trolley or buggy as it can be carried. 

Should you buy the Sun Mountain H2NO Lite 14-way Adventure Golf Bag?

At £385, this bag is by no means cheap. However, if you prioritise premium materials, excellent build quality, and outstanding functionality, then it should definitely be considered.

While some small details, like the water bottle pocket, did frustrate us a touch, on the whole, this bag is without a doubt one of the best we've used. 

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