The BEST blade putters currently used on the PGA Tour

Take a look at some of the best blade putters currently in the hands of PGA Tour players.

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Fri, 12 Feb 2021
The BEST blade putters currently used on the PGA Tour

The PGA Tour is packed full of some of the best putters on the planet and their choice of putter comes down to many things, one of the first decisions being mallet or blade. Mallet putters are becoming increasingly popular on the PGA Tour, but blades provide the more desirable feel and there are some absolute beauties being used on Tour.

We've listed a few of our favourite blade putters currently in the hands of some of the best players in the world, alogn with a little more information about them and a link to where you can buy them to possibly add to your own bag.


The original White Hot formulation, feel, sound and performance are all back in one exceptional two-part urethane insert. Tour players and golfers alike have been asking us to re-introduce it for years, and we’ve listened. Odyssey engineers have combined a rich silver PVD finish with fine milling on the surfaces. These ultra-premium offerings are unlike anything you’ve ever seen from a White Hot, and the beautiful designs will appeal to golfers who appreciate the look of a milled putter. Available in a premium stepless steel shaft or Odyssey's Tour proven, multi-material Stroke Lab shaft in a new candy apple red. Both of these shaft options are precisely fitted with either a grey DFX Rubber Grip for a classic look and feel or a larger, Oversize version to keep hand action a little quieter.

£199.00 £179.00


With Sweet Face Technology, this precise face milling imparts progressively to provide more energy transfer on off-centre putts, this improves distance control to prevent you coming up short on off centre putts. This milling pattern also gears the ball back to the centre, so you hit the sweet spot of the putter for greater consistency. The result is that the ball rolls virtually the same distance from center and off-center hits, meaning that Evnroll putters deliver unprecedented accuracy. Complete with a stunning Touor-preferred black finish.



Stroke Lab has completely changed putting with the innovative, multi-material Stroke Lab shaft.  This design actually helps to improve the tempo and consistency in your stroke, and the performance is nothing short of incredible. The innovative multi-material shaft saves 40 grams of weight, which is redistributed to the head and grip end of the putter. This completely rebalances the putter for improved tempo and consistency in the stroke, and this major-winning technology continues to dominate on Tours around the world. The combination of an elegant black PVD and coating give these high performance Stroke Lab Putters a clean, rich and premium look. 

£239.00 £199.00


Angular mid-mallet with a thinner topline and solid milled face has an integrated 6061 aluminium sole plate and stainless steel sole weights for higher MOI with medium toe flow. New performance balanced weighting expands on Scotty’s use of customisable sole weights to tune putter performance and feel at all lengths by incorporating tungsten for the blades and stainless steel for the mid-mallets to produce larger sweet spots and enhance stability.

£379.00 £349.00


The Ping Heppler golf putters offer a machined, solid face for golfers who prefer a firmer impact feel and sound. A premium, contrasting copper-and-black finish provides alignment cues and visual interest. A stiffer adjustable-length shaft (in exclusive black chrome) is standard and golfers can be fit for all stroke types (Straight, Slight Arc, Strong Arc). A larger section of the cavity was carved out and the heel-toe ballasts are larger than those in the ZB 2 to achieve a high MOI in this strong-arc blade.



TaylorMade developed Truss™ for players who desire the stability and forgiveness of a mallet but prefer a more traditional look at address. TaylorMade go beyond the expected to deliver performance that beats your expectations. Engineered for less twisting while maintaining a familiar look at address. It’s intended to increase the stiffness/frequency for an improved sound and feel. Adjustable sole weights allow golfers to achieve a variety of swing weights and CG placements to match the characteristics of their putting stroke and personal preferences.

£279.00 £229.00