10 best electric golf trolleys 2016

10 of the best electric trolleys on the market - which is your favourite? 

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Tue, 19 Jul 2016

10 best electric golf trolleys 2016

An electric golf trolley is the closest most of us will get to a full-time caddie. They are becoming increasingly popular, as players realise the benefits of staying fresh for the full 18 holes, thanks to not having to carry their own bag.

These days, trolleys are sleek, the batteries are light, and they are incredibly easy to use.

We look at the best on the market, some with all the bells and whistles, some which are the bare bones. 

PowaKaddy Touch

The new kid on the block from Powakaddy. The key feature is the trolley moves as you walk – no need to twizzle any knobs or press buttons. Place your hand on the handle grip, and the trolley will respond to the pace you walk. Boasts no wires, the thinnest lithium battery on the market, and superb aesthetics.

Price: from £399.99


Head to the PowaKaddy website for more information. 

Powakaddy FW3

The brand’s “entry level trolley” makes the most of the thinnest lithium battery on the market, and also has no irritating wires. Stylish aesthetics and a low-profile chassis also on offer.

Price: from £299.99

Head to the PowaKaddy website for more information. 

Hill Billy

Offers performance and reliability without the hefty price tag. The Hill Billy may not look as glossy as some others on the market, but it’s not far behind in the performance stakes. Simple to use, the trolley is easy to assemble and fold, and boasts no wires.


Price: from £259

Head to the Hill Billy website for more information. 

Motocaddy S7 remote

The first remote controlled trolley in Motocaddy’s range utilises two motors to get you across any terrain. Varying pressure alters how sharply the trolley turns, while a tilt function makes sure it stays upright on steep gradients. Uses the same chassis as the popular S-Series, while it can be switched to manual from remote if required.

Price: £799 (lithium)

Head to the Motocaddy website for more information. 

Motocaddy S1

New and improved for 2016, boasting a new handle, quick release wheels, streamlined battery tray and new folding mechanism. Nine speeds are on offer in the brand’s entry-level trolley.

Price: £399

Head to the Motocaddy website for more information. 


Stewart Golf X9 Follow

The crème de la crème in the electric trolley market. As the name suggests, the trolley follows the player, thanks to Bluetooth and two rear antennas. It follows a handset in your back pocket, which you then put on the trolley while you take a shot. Comes with a host of other features, such as an integrated stabaliser and quick release wheels.

Price: £1,499 (lithium)


Head to the Stewart Golf website for more information. 

Stewart Golf X9 Remote

A remote controlled electric trolley of the highest order. Boasts a low centre of gravity and four wheels for a smooth ride. Players can control the trolley from up to 50 metres away.

Price: £999 (lithium)


Head to the Stewart Golf website for more information. 

Big Max Coaster Quad brake

This products features 360 Quad technology, allowing players to make sharp turns with ease. A Mountain Brake function makes sure the trolley goes at a constant speed, and this four-wheeler is designed to be incredibly easy to use. There’s even a seat which can be added.

Price: £799 (lithium)

Head to the Big Max website for more information. 

Big Max Nano Digital

The “most mobile electric trolley of all time”.  This small and light three-wheel trolley has an innovative start/stop function, and users will enjoy the sporty aesthetics. Easy to use and low maintenance.

Price: £1,495


Head to the Big Max website for more information. 

EziCaddy Ezi One

Another trolley at a superb price point – banging the "no thrills" drum. No wires, boasts quick release wheels and a quiet motor. Magic.

Price: £249

Head to the EziCaddy website for more information.