Wilson Staff Model CB Irons Review

GolfMagic tests out Wilson's new Staff Model CB Irons

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Thu, 11 Jan 2024
Wilson Staff Model CB Irons Review

Need To Know

Updated design is a huge improvement on previous models, blends seamlessly with Staff Model Blades, consistently solid performance
Slightly clicky sound and feel at impact
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PRICE: £1050.00 YEAR: from 2024

Wilson Staff Model CB Irons: Key Features

  • Fluid Feel Hosel: designed for a more flowing feel and look at address
  • Precision Toe Weighting: allowing for better alignment of the CG to the centre of the face and expanding the impact area, while allowing for maximum forgiveness
  • Forged 8620 Carbon Steel: ensures ultimate feedback and a precise sensation at impact

Wilson has released two new sets of better player irons this year, the beautiful Staff Model Blades and a newly updated set of CB irons, which we will focus on in this review. 

Both sets have undergone a series of refinements, and they have been designed side by side in order to ensure that players who prefer to blend their set can do so seamlessly. 

In terms of technological advancements, the CB irons feature both a Fluid Feel Hosel and Precision Toe Weighting. What these two features do is move unwanted weight away from the hosel and push it closer to the toe in order to shift the centre of gravity. In turn, this allows for better alignment of the CG to the centre of the face and expands the impact area, allowing for improved forgiveness. 

To see how this new design would perform, we took the CB irons out to Spain for some warm weather testing before putting them through their paces on a GC Quad launch monitor at Custom Golf Works in Woking. 

Let's get into it.

Player level

The Wilson Staff Model CB Irons are suited well to the accomplished golfer who desires premium workability and feel with added forgiveness in their long irons. 

Wilson Staff Model CB Irons: Looks and Feel

Comparing the new Staff Model CBs to the old is honestly like chalk and cheese. The visual improvement for the 2024 model is staggering. 

While the overall profile at address is very similar, it takes one look at the back of the club to see there have been some serious aesthetic upgrades. 

The new Wilson Staff badge has removed the W and the S, which has resulted in a much cleaner logo that we think compliments the overall design of the iron impeccably. 

Wilson has also opted to keep the Staff Model branding discreet and removed any other graphic detailing, leaving just a beautiful selection of metallic contours to run throughout the head.

The bar for looks is very high in the player's category, but we have to say Wilson has jumped from near the bottom of the pecking order to near the top in just one year. 

Down at address, the head has a compact head shape with a relatively thin topline. We've discussed the blending of the CBs and the Wilson Staff Blades previously, but when you sit the two irons next to each other, you can really see how visually cohesive they are.

One key issue some people sometimes have with blended sets is getting used to seeing varied toplines; however, with the Wilson Staff range, there should be no such issue.

The blade length is certainly on the short side, and it will undoubtedly suit the eye of the better golfer, as it allows you to square the ball up accurately to the target with ease. 

In terms of feel and sound, these irons are top-notch. As you would expect from a forged iron, the feel from the dead centre is heavenly, with poorer strikes offering up enough feedback for you to pinpoint to the millimetre where you struck the ball on the face. 

This level of soft feel from the heart of the club and responsiveness from the heel or toe is precisely what better players need, and the CBs certainly deliver it. 

If we were being really picky, we would say that compared to other forged players irons on the market, the CBs are slightly more clicky both in feel and sound. 

Wilson Staff Model CB Irons: Performance and Forgiveness

The Wilson Staff Model CBs were some of the most consistent irons we have tested in the last two years. 

Across the board in terms of spin consistency, distance and trajectory, the CBs were the definition of reliable. 

When it comes to better player irons, being able to trust in how the ball will react at impact is one of the most important characteristics a club can have, and with the CBs, we found we had complete, unwavering faith in what each iron would produce. 

Digging into the actual numbers themselves, we found there was only a tiny difference in both carry and total distance compared to the Wilson Staff blades, which also goes a long way to confirming how well the two sets could be used together. 

The one area in which we noticed quite a substantial difference between the two sets was with the forgiveness on offer in the CB's longer irons.

When we worked our way up to the five and four iron in the CB set, we did find it a lot easier to keep the ball straight, with slight misses from the middle starting on a better line with less movement in the air and greater carry distance. 

All in all, we were very impressed with these irons. The standard is high in the player's iron category, but the CBs have rightfully earned their spot as one of the best performers in it for 2024. 

When paired with vastly improved aesthetics and a very competitive price point, there are a lot of things to love about these irons. 

Should you buy the Wilson Staff Model CB Irons?

If you're a golfer who enjoys the feel and profile of a player's iron but desires added forgiveness at the top end of the set, then the Staff Model CBs could be just what you're looking for. 

One of the most consistent performers in the category, these irons can now also compete in the looks department, something that we wouldn't have been able to say about their predecessors. 

All in all, an excellent set of irons and one that would be well worth getting fitted for if you are in the market for an upgrade in 2024. 

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