Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron Review

GolfMagic tests and reviews the Wilson Staff Model Utility Iron, used by Gary Woodland en route to his US Open victory.


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Wed, 13 Nov 2019
Wilson Staff Model Utility iron review
This is hands down the best utility iron we have tested in a long time

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Extremely versatile, long distance, affordable, aesthetically brilliant
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PRICE: £169.00 YEAR: from 2019

Driving and utility irons are becoming increasingly popular, not just in the bags of professionals but amateurs too. Useful from the tee and off the fairway, utility irons can be a real asset to your bag. Earlier this year, Gary Woodland won his first major title at the US Open, while using a prototype utility iron from Wilson, that proved to be one of the best clubs in his bag.

Designed to deliver an impressive combination of distance, reliability and forgiveness, the Wilson Staff Model Utility iron features seven grams of weight positioned low in the club head for increased launch angles.

A high-strength maraging steel face – used on the award-winning Wilson Staff C300 irons – deliver greater ball speeds across the entire face for improved distances, plus a hollow body long iron solution has been refined for optimised feedback on miss hit shots.

“We created the Staff Model Utility iron to meet the demand of our Tour Staff and following their positive feedback, it was impossible for us not to put it into our 2020 range,” said Doug Wright, Global Commercial Director of Wilson Golf.

“The iron delivers incredible performance and reliability for golfers who want ultimate confidence with their long irons, whilst offering the higher ball flight of a hybrid club,” he added.


Wilson has always been known to create high-quality irons and the new Wilson Staff Model Utility only strengthens that statement. In terms of looks, the new Wilson utility is one of the best looking utility irons on the market today. The combination of modern design and its clean finish, has created an aesthetical masterclass, which we believe is unparalleled in its category.

The versatility of this iron makes it an absolute weapon and a vital club to have in the bag. We tested out the 21˚ and found it to be a brilliant option from the tee if you're looking for distance but without the fear of a huge mishit like you may have with a driver. On short par 4's when there's no need for the driver, the Wilson Staff Model utility offers the accuracy of an iron, with the punch and power of a fairway wood.

Many driving irons on the market today can lack the forgiveness some amateur golfers need when hitting these sort of clubs off of the fairway, but the new utility iron from Wilson has the forgiveness levels necessary to fill you with confidence when hitting it without the use of a tee.

The clean design also helps your confidence from the fairways as it doesn't have the thin look you may associate with a driving iron and the weight placed low in the head helps get the ball up-and-into the air.

This club has no difficulties from hitting out of slightly thicker grass too, adding to its versatility. We wouldn't recommend trying to thrash one out of the marshes with it, but if you've just missed the fairway and find yourself in the first cut of the rough, by all means pull this one out of the bag if you need to.

At just £169, the Wilson Staff Model utility should be at the top of your list of utility irons if you're in the market for one. This is hands down the best utility iron we have tested in a long time.