New Amsterdam-based golf gear brand KADDEY will aim to "MAKE YOUR DAY"

Companionship. Sustainability. Functionality. Style. Quality. Service. Less is more. These are the seven brand values that fuse together to make Kaddey.

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Wed, 9 Feb 2022
New Amsterdam-based golf gear brand KADDEY will aim to "MAKE YOUR DAY"

Kaddey is the new Amsterdam-based golf gear brand that is beginning its expansion into the wider European markets, focusing on companionship, sustainability, functionality, style and quality.

Everyone who works at Kaddey is a golfer, a team made up of a solid blend of experience mixed with a youthful, entrepreneurial mindset across product development, marketing and eCommerce.

The Kaddey brand name was inspired by the service and experience of having a caddie on the course. Kaddey products are developed to 'Make Your Day', and the Switch is at the forefront of that brand ethos.

"We attach great importance to quality in design, use of materials and service," said Nick van der Plaat, one of the co-founders of Kaddey.

"Kaddey only develops, designs and creates products that we would like to use ourselves out on the course.

"When building the Kaddey brand we think about our experience playing links golf, where having a local caddie is a real asset to your performance because they know the course like the back of their hand."

The new Kaddey Switch trolley has been innovated to change the way golfers use a trolley, offering players the opportunity to effortlessly shift from pushing downhill or while on the fairway, to pulling uphill or through the rough.

Kaddey's business strategy is to operate a 'direct to consumer' offering, selling only through This enables the brand to own every aspect of the customer journey, from the design process to how golfers get to know the brand and lines of communication.

The new Kaddey Switch is available only at, priced at €319, which includes a wheel cover, thermos bottle and bottle holder worth €55.