J.Lindeberg announces signing of DP World Tour star Todd Clements

DP World Tour winner Todd Clements joins J.Lindeberg as a brand ambassador. 

J.Lindeberg announce the signing of DP World Tour star Todd Clements
J.Lindeberg announce the signing of DP World Tour star Todd Clements

J.Lindeberg has officially confirmed the signture of DP World Tour winner Todd Clements as a brand ambassador. 

With a burgeoning career that blends exceptional talent on the golf course with a keen sense of style, Clements embodies the ethos of J.Lindeberg with every swing.

As the 27-year-old Englishman steps into his new role, Clements is set to don pieces from J.Lindeberg's Spring/Summer 2024 collection, showcasing his unique flair on golf courses around the world.

Turning professional in 2018, Clements has demonstrated a meteoric rise through the ranks of professional golf. His journey from winning the English Amateur Championship in 2017 to clinching his first DP World Tour victory at the D+D Real Czech Masters in August 2023 showcases a golfer who, like J.Lindeberg, is not only dedicated to the craft but also to constant self-improvement and pushing the boundaries of the sport.

J.Lindeberg announces signing of DP World Tour star Todd Clements

Clements’ remarkable performance at the Albatross Golf Resort, where he shot a final-round 63 to secure his maiden DP World Tour victory, was a perfect display of the dedication, skill, and mental fortitude that define his approach to the sport.

Reflecting on the victory, Clements described it as “the round of his life,” highlighting not just the triumph but the great journey and effort  behind reaching such a pinnacle in his career.

Clements said:

"I’ve been wearing J.Lindeberg for the last couple of years and love everything about the brand. The innovative styles and vibrant colors resonate with my personal approach to golf. My favorites at the moment are the Masseo Knitted Shirts and anything from the Tour Tech Print Collection. I’m excited to rep some of the awesome pieces from the new collection out on the course in 2024."

Todd Clements recently spent some time with GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge at Woburn.

Check out our video with him below: 

Clements’ affinity for J.Lindeberg extends beyond the green.

He is particularly excited about the collaboration aspect of his partnership, stating: “I have to say I’m excited to collaborate with all the other athletes across different sports and work with the sports marketing team at J.Lindeberg. I’m a massive sports fan in general, so getting to meet all the other J.Lindeberg ambassadors and collaborating with them will be great fun.” 

As Todd Clements looks ahead to the 2024 season with goals of finishing in the Top 20 on the Race to Dubai Rankings and qualifying for major championships, his journey is one to watch.

With J.Lindeberg by his side, Clements is poised to set trends and redefine what it means to be a golfer in today’s  world, especially as he dons pieces from the SS24 collection, blending brilliant performance with fearless fashion.

For more information about the brand, please visit the J.Lindeberg website

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