Release Radar: An alternative guide to the best brands in golf

This week, we're taking a look at five brands that are doing things a little differently in the golf industry.

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Tue, 28 Nov 2023
Release Radar

The lines between streetwear and golf apparel have grown increasingly blurred in recent years, with the rise of the controversial golf hoodie being a genuine watershed moment for the game's notoriously stubborn dress code regulations. 

Much to the annoyance of the world's most stuffy country club members, a new wave of young golfers have picked up the game, and with them, they have brought a different approach to not only golf apparel but products that span the entire industry, one that combines a more relaxed level of styling, while still taking inspiration from the past, to create new and exciting product lines designed to appeal to a new audience of enthusiastic golfers. 

Whether it's apparel, clubs, grips or shoes, new disruptors have arrived in the market to challenge the status quo, and in this bi-weekly column, we're going to be highlighting some of the best new brands and picking out a selection of our favourite products. 

So, without further ado, let's get into it. 

Release Radar: Five brands doing things a little different

Manors Golf 

Inspired by the idea that golf isn’t a sport to be mastered but a game to be explored, Manors Golf hit the ground running with its intro to the golf industry, creating apparel and accessories that combine modern fabrics and designs while drawing inspiration from timeless silhouettes that have become iconic in the game's history.

While the brand is by no means reinventing the wheel when it comes to golf apparel, they have done a fantastic job of creating a range of clothing that could just as easily be worn in a casual setting as it could tackling the wind and rain of a windswept links layout. 

One of our favourite pieces from the current collection is the Course Crewneck Vest (Pictured). The twin tipping on the arms and neck provides a subtle nod to the past, while the synthetic construction provides all of the modern performance features desired to tackle the elements. 

Devereux Golf

Established in West Texas in 2013, Devereux Golf gets its name from the founder's grandmother, Devereux Brunner. As a brand, Devereux operates entirely direct to consumer, and it set out to produce products that "reflect the ever-welcomed melding of streetwear and golf". 

The most recent collection from the brand features bold prints and catchy slogans for men, women and children. From dad hats to windbreakers, this brand has it all,  and there is a distinct americana feel to its branding and iconography. 

If we had to pick one piece as a standout, it would be the Devereux Wind Breaker (Pictured), which blends old-school American aesthetics with modern fabrics that would look just as good at Coachella as it would on the fairways of Pebble Beach. 

Hood Golf 

Based out of London, Hood Golf was set up in 2020 with the primary aim 'to create dope clothes and apparel for everyone no matter the occasion.'

The brand launches its products in small batches, ranging from old-school printed tee shirts to golf towels that look like your grandma could have painted them. 

The printed t-shirts celebrate some of golf's most iconic characters, most notably John Daly, while the hats bear slogans that promote a more inclusive game, including one of our personal favourites, the "Support Ladies Golf" hat (Pictured).

All of the products that Hood Golf offers exude effortless charm while adding a touch of humour, a trait golf is often accused of lacking. 

Jain Golf 

Another independent apparel brand that's taking a left-field approach to golf clothing, Jain Golf designs clothes and accessories that aim to bring a touch of childish playfulness to the fairway.

That outlook is one that's reflected in the brand's designs, which feature bright colours and bold designs, as well as Jain's amusing little golf ball man mascot. 

While the brand primarily offers apparel, it also produces a fantastic selection of accessories, including knitted headcovers and a beautiful canvas bag in collaboration with Mackenzie. 

RIPIT Golf Grips

Undoubtedly one of our favourite finds of 2023, RIPIT Golf designs beautiful golf grips that come in a variety of stunning colours and designs. 

The designs feature pin-up girls, unusual natural herbs and a whole host of weird and whacky icons that set these grips apart from what you would traditionally see at the end of a club. 

While the designs are what make these grips stick out, the quality is also excellent. We've had the pleasure of testing these grips out this year, and they're excellent in terms of durability, grip and feel.

The grips can either be bought individually or in complete sets, with the option to fully customise a full set of iron grips, with a different grip for each club. 

Ideal for those who like to stand out from the crowd, these grips offer that extra level of club customisation that we absolutely love. 

If you've enjoyed the first edition of Release Radar, then make sure to check back in two weeks, when we will be revealing five more brands that are bringing an alternative edge to the game of golf.

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