Under Armour unveils Jordan Spieth's new Drive Pro Series golf shoes for 2024

Under Armour sets the standard with new Drive Pro and Drive Pro SL golf shoes. 

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Thu, 1 Feb 2024
Under Armour unveils Jordan Spieth's new Drive Pro Series golf shoes for 2024

Under Armour has unveiled its new Drive Pro Series golf shoes, designed for players looking for that competitive edge in 2024. 

Designed with direct feedback from three-time major winner Jordan Spieth and Under Armour's other PGA Tour athletes, UA works closely with its golf athletes to create performance-enhancing products that meet the needs of golfers of all skill levels in both spiked and spikeless golf shoe models.

The new Drive Pro and Drive Pro SL deliver golfers ultimate stability, traction, and performance through the innovative Swing Support System.

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Developed with world-renowned biomechanist JJ Rivet, the revolutionary 3-layer Swing Support System supports the natural motion of the foot, with biomechanically correct diagonal and lateral support for golfers to unlock the power of their swing.

The Swing Support System is made up of three key advancements to take performance to new levels, while being lighter than common tour shoes in the market.

Starting from the ground up, smarter traction is delivered through a combination of UA’s new custom S3 Spikes and the Tour Flex Pro Spike. Developed exclusively for Under Armour with CHAMP MacNeill Engineering, the S3 Spikes are utilised in the medial heel and lateral forefoot at the optimal angle to resist rotation in the golf swing, allowing you to harness more power.

In the midsole, UA has developed the only dual-density midsole in golf. Featuring Under Armour’s HOVR foam and more supportive Charged Cushioning where it’s needed to help guide the foot in the golf swing. By using softer HOVR foam in the medial side, your foot is able to sink into the shoe when you apply your peak force and helps transition your weight more efficiently through the ball.

In the upper, UA’s Swing Support Strap is fully connected to the with the S3 Spikes and integrated lacing system, providing optimised 360-degree lock-in from lateral ball to medial instep.

The Drive Pro SL replicates the same innovations in the midsole and the upper but with some notable innovations in its spikeless outsole. With a traction control plate and a hybrid outsole utilizing rubber and TPU, the Drive Pro SL provides ground penetration & torsional rigidity through the use of TPU, with rubber adding flexibility and friction to ensure there’s no compromise in performance by moving from a spiked to spikeless outsole.

Every spikeless traction point has been mapped to different heights and positions throughout the sole to ramp up performance further. By removing uniformity, UA has been able develop an outsole that truly performs at the same level as spiked tour shoes.

PGA Tour star Spieth said: 

"Being a golfer isn’t a traditional 9-5 job. You’re on your feet walking the course for such a long time so it’s so important to be equipped with footwear that will help your body achieve its best on the course. I’m ecstatic that Under Armour has developed the Drive Pro, that combines comfort, style, and performance throughout the long days that we endure on the green. I look forward to showing firsthand the impact that Under Armour makes on the course with the release of the Drive Pro."

The Drive Pro Series can be found on UA.com and at golf retailers throughout the UK.

The Drive Pro and Drive Pro SL retail for £150 and £130 respectively and carry a 1-year waterproof warranty.

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