Bettinardi BB56 putter review

Bettinardi BB56 putter review: high MOI mallet putter from Bettinardi is the brand's best yet. 

Heaps of feedback, balanced, forgiving


Bettinardi’s reputation has continually risen since it was birthed in 1998. Originally with a USP of making putters from a single piece of metal, it has stayed true to its roots while also innovating and exploring with modern technology and methods.

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It has a loyal band of followers, and those that do not laud the products have presumably never played with them. For Bettinardi make some of the best flat sticks around in 2018.

Their line-up for 2018 is extensive - including the famous arm lock shaft option used by staffer Matt Kuchar - and we’ve had a knock with a few of the designs over the years.

But it’s the high MOI BB56 that really got us eulogising in 2018, after we tested it at north London’s Hadley Wood Golf Club.


Reassuringly large, with a simple, clean overall aesthetic. All Bettinardi putters have a classy, premium look and this is no different.

A single, long alignment aid works well. The bright green flashes on the underside and the grip are certainly harsh, but surprisingly contrast with the black to make a beautiful looking putter.

Feel and sound

Heaps of feedback is delivered with every strike, transporting strike information to the golfer. Made from high-grade aluminium, it has a firm, solid feel to it - just what you would expect from a one-piece putter.


Forgiveness and stability - the Bettinardi BB56 has maxed these categories out.

A weight above the putter combines with a high MOI design to offer loads of help on those poor strikes.

As you pull the putter back and through, the mass out to the perimeter of the club keeps the face square through impact with ease, promoting a smooth, pendulum-type stroke.

This smooth stroke helped us get the ball rolling end over end, and we didn’t get any of those destructive jumps from the ball.

When we missed the centre of the face, performance was not hindered overly harshly.

Sitting it down, the putter seems to almost line itself up with the hole thanks to the flat bottom. You can really feel it working against twisting, meaning it would suit more of a straight back and through player, rather than someone with a hard arc to their stroke.

While lethal from close to the hole, we were also impressed with how it played out on lag putts. There is a decent feel of weight in the head of the club, meaning you don’t have to work hard to get pace on the ball, but we never felt out of control of the club.

The grip has dinstinct edges, helping you get your hands in the same position every time, promoting a consistent stroke.


A leading putter in the mallet market for 2018. Excellent for the player that wants a forgiving product that will help them keep the clubface square through impact.

Working equally well from range and close in, the Bettinardi BB56 has a firm feel with loads of feedback on offer.

It’s the best mallet from Bettinardi to date - we couldn’t find a fault.

Head to the Bettinardi website for more. 

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