FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes Review: "A fresh, sporty, athletic new look from FJ"

The new FootJoy Fuel golf shoes represent an athletic and modern look packed with technology.

FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes 2022 | Best Golf Shoe Review
FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes 2022 | Best Golf Shoe Review
Sporty modern look is a breath of fresh air for FJ; offers plenty of traction and flexibility where you need it; very durable and also waterproof; BOA Lacing System ensures a precise fit
It likely won't appeal to golfing traditionalists

FootJoy Fuel - Key Features

  • Durable Construction: 100% waterproof, easy care synthetic upper 
  • Enhanced Grip: provided by a Pro SL inspired outsole
  • Stability Bridge: gives you lots of midfoot support
  • EVA midsole: strong midsole support where you need it 
  • Laser Sport Last: offers a full rounded toe character and athletic profile
  • BOA Lacing System (available): ensures a precise and snug fit 

FootJoy Fuel represents a breath of fresh air for a company who has previously catered for golfing traditionalists. FJ finally has a golf shoe designed with the sporty, athletic golfer at the front of mind. 

GolfMagic Equipment Editor Alex Lodge, a sporty and athletic golfer himself, has tested and assessed the performance of this new FJ golf shoe, which is complete with new aesthetics. 

The FootJoy Fuel golf shoe, which easily found a place in our best golf shoes buyer guide alongside the equally impressive FootJoy Pro SL, is a vibrant option for every golfer looking for comfort.

Where the FJ Pro SL is the most suitable spikeless option for the golf traditionalist, FJ Fuel is perfect for someone seeking more of a sporty and modern look on the golf course. 


FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoe - Looks 

Straight out the box, these FJ Fuel shoes just ooze instant appeal with the large FJ logo splashed on the back side and heel of the shoe. 

It certainly looks much more of a modern, athletic golf shoe than the Pro SL, and for that reason, we think we prefer it marginally over the two. 

Alex loved the exaggerated platform which creates a modern and athletic silhouette.

Despite being a white shoe just like the Pro SL, Alex reports that mud and dirt wipes easily off the shoe. 

This adds to the quality of the fabric and aesthetic strength of the product.

FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes 2022 | Best Golf Shoe Review
FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes 2022 | Best Golf Shoe Review

FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoe - Comfort and Performance

Alex was immediately impressed with the levels of comfort with the Fuel golf shoe, aided by the brand's patented Stability Bridge and an EVA midsole. There are few more comfortable, spikeless golf shoes out there right now than this one. 

In terms of performance, the FootJoy Fuel comes with a streamlined waterproof synthetic upper, so you are safe in the knowledge that it's not only got that sporty look but that it will stand up to all types of weather conditions. 

This sporty golf shoe is also remarkably durable. Alex has been wearing this one for a couple of months now and has reported the shoe is looking no different to how it looked when it first purchased it. 

Durability is of vital importance when it comes to purchasing a golf shoe, especially if you're an avid golfer playing at least once a week. 

The spikeless sole of this FJ Fuel, inspired by the success of the fourth generation Pro SL, also gives you plenty of traction and grip on all types of shots. 

As we previously mentioned on the Pro SL model, we would highly recommend you spend the extra bit of money on the BOA Lacing System.

It won't cost you a great deal more, but it's worth it if you want a precise and snug fit. 

FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes 2022 | Best Golf Shoe Review
FootJoy Fuel Golf Shoes 2022 | Best Golf Shoe Review

Should you buy the FootJoy Fuel golf shoes? 

The FootJoy Fuel could definitely be classed as the most impressive shoe of 2022.
Its enhanced grip, streamlined waterproof synthetic upper and Stability Bridge all contribute to the superb new design from FJ. 
With the shoe having been out a while now, you can certainly hunt around for some bargains online, too. 
As we say though, definitely take a look at upgrading to a BOA Lacing System. It really does make a difference in terms of the overall fit. 

FJ Fuel is a sporty and athletic shoe and this is down to its exaggerated platform. As much as it could suit many types of golfer, the look could suit young athletes looking for a fresh look, especially in the summer. 

FootJoy Fuel is a breath of fresh air for a company that has previously only offered shoes for traditionalists. 

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