Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Slip 'In shoe review: The most practical golf shoe ever

The new Go Golf Elite 5 Slip 'In shoes from Skechers might just be the most convenient golf shoes ever.

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Tue, 11 Jul 2023
Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Slip 'In

Need To Know

Incredibly easy to slip on and off, GRIPFLEX spikeless outsole provided good traction, Twist Fit dial makes fit adjustment incredibly easy
Fans of a more traditional silhouette may not like the design
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PRICE: £129.00 YEAR: from 2023

Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Slip 'In Shoe: Key Features

  • Hands Free Slip In design: allows the foot to slide seamlessly into the shoe without having to bend over
  • Twist Fit dial closure: easy-to-use twist mechanism for adjusting the shoe's fit
  • Arch Fit insole: podiatrist-certified arch support 
  • Heel Pillow: holds the foot in place and provides excellent comfort

When we saw the promotional video for Skechers' new Go Golf Elite 5 Slip 'In shoes, we couldn't quite believe that, in reality, getting them on would be quite as easy as it looked.

How wrong we were. As soon as we took the shoes out of the box, we were itching to try out the slip-in design, and in all honesty, you would be hard-pressed to find an easier pair of shoes to get on (besides your favourite slippers, of course). 

Boasting a wide variety of comfort and convenience aimed features, these shoes are clearly targeted at a very specific group of golfers. If you have back problems or your mobility is in some way reduced, then these shoes could be a godsend for you. 

Easy to get on, with one of the best insoles on the market, these shoes provide supreme levels of convenience and comfort that are tough to beat.

We enjoyed wearing the shoes so much that they have gone straight into our best golf shoes guide.

Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Slip 'In Shoe: Looks

While perhaps not the most striking design on the market, these shoes offer an understated look that certainly grew on us the more we wore them.

Much like BOA lacing systems that have appeared on a number of different shoe brands, the Twist Fit dial that is placed on the side of the shoe does take a bit of getting used to.

While not an eye sore by any stretch, having worn golf shoes with laces for a number of years now, it almost seems odd looking down and not seeing any at all. 

The main body of the shoe is fairly simple in design. The predominantly black model features a relatively discreet Skechers logo near the heel, which we really liked. 

It leaves the main body of the shoe very clean with only a brief interruption to the upper, provided by the lacing system that runs down the outside of your foot. 

The subtle textured black strips on the roof of your foot provide a nice amount of contrast to the design, especially when paired with the dimple-like pattern on the toe and side of the shoe.

I don't think these shoes are going to be turning heads on the course, but that's no bad thing. What they lack in eye-catching design, they more than makeup for in comfort and performance.

Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Slip 'In Shoe: Comfort and Performance

Now these are the two categories where these shoes really excel. 

Let's start with comfort. We can break comfort down into two parts. Comfort in getting the shoes on and off, and comfort while wearing them during a round of golf. 

In terms of comfort, getting these shoes on and off, no shoe beats them. The hands-free slip "In design and Twist Fit Dial make putting these shoes on and adjusting the fit quick and easy.  While putting shoes on may not seem like a difficult task for the majority of golfers, for those who may struggle with their mobility, these features will be of great help.

We could easily slide the shoes on while seated and reach down with minimal effort to tighten the lacing system. This gets a big thumbs up from us. Taking them off was just as simple, making changing shoes in the car park or locker room an effortless task.

We were also really pleased with how the shoes felt and performed on the course. 

The Twist Fit Dial lacing system provides a very solid, locked-in feel that proved very stable throughout the swing without any excessive sliding around within the shoe. 

A special mention also has to be handed to the Arch Fit insole system and Heel Pillow. The two combine to provide an excellent level of support and padding that was much appreciated when we stepped off the 18th green. These two particular comfort features, combined with how light the shoes are, meant we didn't really want to take these shoes off after the round.

They're so comfy, in fact, that we would happily chuck out the old slippers and wear these around the house instead. 

In terms of traction, we didn't experience any loss in grip during testing. The GRIPFLEX spikeless outsole held up well during the round, and while we only played in dry conditions, from the look of the sole, it would give you a great deal of traction when the ground gets wet and muddy underfoot. 

While we didn't experience rain during our testing of these shoes, they are waterproof and come with a one year warranty for peace of mind. 

Should you buy the Skechers Go Golf Elite 5 Slip 'In Shoes

If you are someone who finds putting your shoes on and taking them off difficult for any reason, then these are the golf shoes for you. 

The most convenient golf shoes on the market right now, they are the ideal choice for golfers looking for a shoe that prioritises comfort and on-course performance. 

Lightweight, stable and waterproof, there isn't much these shoes can't do. There are more stylish shoes available on the market, but if you want the closest thing you can find to walking the course with two pillows on your feet, then look no further. 

At £129, these shoes aren't cheap, but as soon as you slip them on, you will understand why your money was well spent.