Cleveland Golf Smart Square

Golfmagic joins 10 testers at Horsley Lodge Golf Club in Derby to test some of the best new mallets in the game

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Wed, 14 May 2014
Cleveland Golf Smart Square

Brand: Cleveland Golf
Putter: Smart Square (Almost Belly)
Design: Mallet
RRP: £99
Loft: 3-degree Lie: 70-degree
Head Weight: 400g (grip weight: 158g)
Available lengths:
33, 34, 35, 39"

Summary: Cleveland Golf says its Smart Square features an alignment aid likened to the famous Odyssey 2-Ball but utilises clever geometry to make it easier to line up. The brand also claims its parallel and perpendicular lines formed by the pair of squares frame the ball better than circles while providing better feedback to catch misalignment. The high-MOI design is available in heel and centre-shafted models at standard lengths, or as an almost-belly length of 39 inches, which we tested. The longer version adds 40g to the head (upping it to 400g total), and utilises a 158g grip (about 2.5 times heavier than normal), which acts as a counterbalance to smooth out the stroke.

Looks: Appearance divided opinion. Some loved it, others hated it - hence its overall score. Of the lovers, testers explained how the two squares, or Dual Axis Alignment as CG calls it, made it much easier to take the putter head back and through towards the target. Majority of testers agreed there were no glare issues out in the Derbyshire sunshine thanks to the matte black finish. 2.9 (out of 5)

Feel: On the whole, all testers experienced a soft feeling insert and thought the ball rolled out well. Whether it was a 3-, 6- or 15-foot putt, the copolymer insert kept a consistent, soft feel throughout. Some testers thought it felt too soft off the face, however, while others felt there was a little too much weight in the grip and not enough in the head for a stable stroke. 6.3 (out of 10)

Performance: Four of the 12 testers thought the new squares were smarter, or easier to align, than circles or straight lines. They also thought the squares appeared just the right shape and size to frame the ball. Majority of testers thought the putter was easier to align on the short putts. 6.4 (out of 10)

Verdict: Decent value for money at £100. Appearance divides opinion somewhat but feel and performance are both positives. Dual Axis Alignment is clearly a step in the right direction for a Cleveland Golf mallet putter. If you're currently struggling with alignment and are using straight lines or circles, then squares could well be the answer. 15.6 (out of 25)

Golfmagic PGA Show Review: Cleveland Golf Smart Square putter

Results: 81 putts holed (out of 180)

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