Cobra Trusty Rusty

We review ten of the latest wedges and put them through the ultimate test with a Tour pro and Flightscope shot data. Who comes out on top?

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Andy Roberts and Charlie Lemay
Thu, 4 Jul 2013
Cobra Trusty Rusty

Brand: Cobra
Wedge: Trusty Rusty
RRP: £100
Best price: £69
Loft: 51-degree
Lie: 64-degree
Bounce: 10-degree
Length: 35.5"
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold

Summary: Featuring the successful attributes of the original Trusty Rusty on top of brand new laser precision technology, Cobra has remodelled its updated version with non-plated finishes. The Trusty Rusty’s Tri-Bounce sole optimises performance, while Cobra’s laser precision technology comprises four distinct surface roughnesses that result in maximum conforming spin.

Appearance: Using the full rust version, we like the shape and size of this clubhead, as well as the throwback finish of the sole. Although there's a little too much going on in terms of colour contrasts, the clean white lines against rust finish aid good alignment and confidence standing over the ball. We don't like the colour of the black shaft much, though. It’s a little off-putting. 4

Feel: On pure strikes, the Trusty Rusty feels about as soft as anything out there. When you miss the sweetspot, it tells you. The standard True Temper shaft in black, although aiding to a rather unusual colour combination, feels solid and balanced enough for our swing speed. 8

Performance: Solid enough accuracy but spin is at the lower end of the spectrum, albeit using a 51-degree version. Ball striking feels nice and responsive. A good club for links golf, as flighting the ball down with this wedge is effortless. 8

Verdict: If you like something different, enjoy reminiscing about the past but still crave one of the softest feeling wedges on the market, look no further than Cobra’s old school model. 20

Pro Verdict: While the rust finish is a nice touch to the original Trusty Rusty, there are too many different colours going on and it’s distracting. I like the shape and size of the face, though. Although cranked up to 51-degree, there's decent distance on offer. Spin rate is about average. 


Average Carry (yards)

Average Spin Rate (rpm)

Andy (7 hcap)



Charlie (12 hcap)



Tom (pro)



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