Golf Pride Tour Velvet Super Tack

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Wed, 3 Sep 2014
Golf Pride Tour Velvet Super Tack

Brand: Golf Pride
Name: Tour Velvet Super Tack
Core size: 60 R
Weight: 49.5 (Standard), 57 (Midsize)
Colours: Black/Metallic Silver
Available from: £5.50

Tour Velvet Super Tack features a new-to-world material formulation that provides an exceptional level of tackiness and performance.

The new grip formulation is complemented by an innovative multi-section grip texture. The lower section, located ‘below the ribbon’, features a wider version of the ‘plus’ sign pattern that was made famous in the original series of Tour Velvet grips.

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The new, wider ‘plus’ signs are aligned in a tighter formation to provide a higher level of traction throughout the swing. The upper section, located ‘above the ribbon,’ is comprised of a diamond texture pattern that was a direct result of PGA Tour player feedback during development. This area of the grip provides added stability when maximum force is placed on the grip during the downswing.

“Tour Velvet is the most successful grip family around the world, so we are excited about the innovation the Super Tack model adds to this performance series,” said Brandon Sowell, global sales and marketing manager for Golf Pride.

“With over 80% of the PGA Tour playing our grips on any given week, we have a unique ability to test and get feedback on our grip designs with the best players in the world. After testing through the year, we launched these grips on Tour at the McGladrey Classic in the fall and the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. We’re confident golfers of all skill levels will be as impressed as the most demanding golfers in the world.”

Available in Standard and Midsize.

Golf Pride was the leading grip of choice at last month's US PGA Championship with 79% of players competing in the season’s final major using the brand.

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