Get a grip of your game with some of our favourite golf grips of 2014

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Wed, 3 Sep 2014

Brand: Lamkin
Core Size: 58 R
Weight: 44 (Undersize), 52 (Standard), 63 (Midsize), 78 (Oversize)
Colours: Grey, Blue, White, Electric Blue, Orange, Red, Neon Purple, Neon Pink, Black
Available from: £4

By marrying together its proprietary performance material ACE 3GEN and the pattern, size and colour combinations of its ever popular REL grip, Lamkin has developed the REL ACE 3GEN, a performance grip new for 2014 that offers more size and colour combinations than any other on the market.

As one of Lamkin’s most popular grips, the REL 3GEN offered performance benefits through its vibration dampening properties and its unique pattern that maximizes contact with a golfer’s hands and encourages the proper grip pressure to maintain control throughout the swing.

With the addition of the company’s latest material innovation ACE 3GEN, Lamkin has delivered a great feeling super tacky connection to the golf club.

“The REL ACE 3GEN grip is designed to provide golfers with an extremely secure and comfortable gripping connection so they can confidently swing with a light-pressure grip,” said Lamkin CEO, Bob Lamkin. 

“By eliminating tension from their grip, a player eliminates hand and arm tension, delivering longer and more consistent shots.”   

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The REL ACE 3GEN has been further enhanced by the decision of Lamkin Tour representative Justin Rose to use this evolution of Lamkin technology on his clubs.

In addition to the performance benefits on offer, Lamkin has provided the industry’s largest selection of size and colour combinations in the REL 3GEN. The grip is available in Grey, Blue, White, Electric Blue, Orange, Red, Neon Purple, Neon Pink and traditional Black, all with a white cap,  along with sizes Undersize, Standard, Mid-Size and Oversize available depending on colour choice.

With performance benefits and a huge range of custom options the REL ACE 3GEN is a great feeling, super tacky grip that is ideal for a wide range of playing abilities and tastes.

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