Ten of the Best: Electric trolleys 2015

Our favourite electric golf trolleys on the market in 2015

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Tue, 1 Sep 2015
Ten of the Best: Electric trolleys 2015

Electric trolleys are not the cheapest equipment purchase you will ever make, but can you really put a price on looser limbs and lower scores?

Of the latest batch of powered trolleys, some are lightweight, compact and easy to operate, while others come with a remote or even follow your every move. 

Here are 10 electric golf trolleys for your shortlist. 

Motocaddy S7 Remote

The new S7 Remote is the first ever remote control model in the Motocaddy range.

It boasts one of the trolley sector’s most sophisticated guidance systems, utilising two motors to provide a combination of power and precision, plus an anti-tip wheel to ensure stability on the most challenging terrains.

Based on the same frame design as the award-winning S-Series range, it comes with a control system that allows golfers to adjust how much the trolley turns to the left or right simply by varying the pressure applied to buttons on the handset.

Clever electronics also allow the golfer to switch between the remote function and manual control mode by holding down the on/off button for one second.

It also includes the brand’s patented USB charging port to charge GPS devices from the battery, plus a speed indicator and battery meter.

"Quickfold" technology allows the golfer to fold or unfold the trolley quickly, while an "Easilock" bag-to-trolley connection system removes the need for a lower bag strap.

RRP: £799.99 
Colours: Black, Alpine
Website: www.motocaddy.com

PowaKaddy FW3

The sporty new PowaKaddy FW3 features larger 11” quick-release wheels with low-profile tyres and a lightweight but strong "PowaFrame".

It comes with a simple-to-use three-way folding mechanism and a "Plug ‘n’ Play Battery System" that removes the requirement for fiddly connectors by easily slotting into place.

Other key features include an ambidextrous control with a soft touch T-Bar grip and a power on/off LED indicator complete with a "Power, Pause & Resume" function.

RRP: £299
Colours: Polar White, Classic Black
Website: www.powakaddy.co.uk

Stewart Golf X9 Follow

The X9 Follow from Stewart Golf is arguably one of the coolest toys in golf.

Originally launched in 2003 as the X1 Remote, the revamped X9 Follow is now recognised as one of the world's finest remote-controlled machines.

Video: Stewart Golf X9 Follow review

How the "Follow" system works...

  • Press the green "follow" button and walk in front of the X9 Follow. The machine will fall in behind you and keep your walking pace.
  • When you reach your ball and stop, the X9 Follow will also stop.
  • Put the handset on the cradle, select your club and take your shot.
  • Replace your club, put the handset back on your back pocket/belt and resume walking.
  • The X9 Follow will again pick up your pace.
  • If you stop for any reason (such as to let another player take a shot), the X9 Follow will stop behind you automatically. When you are ready, just start walking again and the X9 Follow will start again automatically.

The X9 Follow also comes with full remote-control functionality. 

RRP: £1,499 (also available in the fully customisable version for £2,199)
Colours: White, Black, Silver
Website: www.stewartgolf.co.uk

PowerBug UltraV

PowerBug's new UltraV, available in lithium and standard battery units, features a revolutionary UV sensor built into the display handle that alerts golfers to the presence of potentially harmful Ultra Violet rays.

Other neat features include its lightweight aircraft-grade tubular aluminium frame, strong folding mechanism for easy assembly to and from the boot of the car and "VRAP" ( Variable Run and Park) distance-control feature that allows the golfer to set the trolley to automatically run and park at preset distances from between 10 and 50 yards.

Its "Torque Control Anti-Rotation" bag support also stops the bag from twisting on the trolley, while its adjustable front-wheel tracking system incorporates nicely into the housing.

The Windsor-based Powerbug brand has become one of Europe’s biggest golf trolley suppliers by volume in a very short space of time – much down to its innovative designs and rugged build quality.

It also comes with an industry-leading five-year warranty on both trolley and lithium battery, while the standard battery has a 12-month warranty.

RRP: £350 (18-hole standard), £599 (27-hole lithium)
Colours: Black, White
Website: www.powerbug.co.uk

PowaKaddy FW5

PowaKaddy's sporty new FW5 trolley pushes the boundaries with a new "ADF" (Automatic Distance Function) that offers players the ability to set the trolley off in distances of 15, 30 or 45 yards.

Like the FW3, it also features larger 11” quick-release wheels, an enhanced trim on its "PowaFrame" and a simple three-way folding mechanism and a "Plug ‘n’ Play Battery System".

Other neat features include an ambidextrous control with a soft touch T-Bar grip, a power on/off LED indicator complete with a "Power, Pause & Resume" function, as well as a battery fuel indicator.

RRP: £349
Colours: Piano Black trim with Polar White or Classic Black frames
Website: www.powakaddy.co.uk

Motocaddy M3 Pro

Motocaddy's M3 Pro borrows the same two-bar frame as the continuing M1 Pro – allowing golfers to fold the trolley down to a size not much bigger than an airline hand luggage allowance – but it also provides golfers with a host of features seen on the brand’s popular S3 Pro.

These include a five-minute lost ball timer, round timer, clock and battery meter, and full-colour digital screen with multiple distance readings.

In addition to a "Cartlock" security device and useful USB charging port, the M3 Pro offers "ADC" (Adjustable Distance Control), a system that allows the user to set the trolley to travel independently up to 60 yards.

It also features the brand’s exclusive "Easilock" technology, a connection system that removes the need for a lower bag strap thanks to two holes on the trolley’s bag support that are aligned with two removable locking pins on the base of all new Motocaddy cart bags. 

RRP: £449.99 (18-hole lead-acid battery), £599.99 (18-hole lithium battery), £649.99 (36-hole lithium battery)
Colours: Black, Alpine
Website: www.motocaddy.com

PowaKaddy FW7

The PowaKaddy FW7 features variable distances from its "ADF" system as found on the FW5, as well as a "Speed Display" that allows the trolley to be carefully adjusted.

Headline features of the FW7 encompass an innovative "Plug ‘n’ Play Battery System", a lightweight, yet sturdy "PowaFrame" and an integrated full-colour LCD widescreen.

Like the rest of the new PowaKaddy Freeway range, the FW7 features larger 11” quick-release wheels with low-profile tyres, an enhanced trim on its "PowaFrame" and a simple three-way folding mechanism.

Other neat features include an ambidextrous control with a soft touch T-Bar grip, a full colour LCD widescreen display with an on/off indicator complete with "Power, Pause & Resume" function, as well as a battery fuel indicator. 

Players wanting to charge their phone and GPS devices can now do so through an integrated USB charging point, while for the security conscious, PowaKaddy has also integrated an anti-tamper security pin lock, which automatically locks the trolley until you need to use it.

The FW7 is also available with PowaKaddy’s exclusive "EBS" (Electronic Braking System), which includes three levels of progressive braking to employ on downhill stretches or steep inclines.

RRP: £399
Colours: Titanium Silver frame with the choice of Carbon Graphite or Brushed Silver trim
Website: www.powakaddy.co.uk

Golfstream Duo 

For golfers looking for a reasonably priced twin-fold trolley, Golfstream recommends its new Duo - an electric trolley benefiting from more than 20 years of golf trolley engineering experience and excellence.

It has been specifically designed to deliver powerful performance and ultimate reliability over all terrain and is propelled by a single British made 200 watt motor with a wide choice of compatible power sources, from lead acid to lithium batteries.

With twin click-and-fold points, the Golfstream Duo is easy to put up and down, while the anti-clog front wheel makes it a joy to use in tricky ground conditions. 

Another innovative feature are the short rear "legs" which enable the folded trolley to be stood upright when stored.  

British Made Electromech electronics feature throughout and include security code programming, distance control settings, speed increments from 0 to 9.5 and left or right hand operation. 

RRP: £379 (18-hole lead acid) and £549 (18-hole lithium)
Colour: White
Website: www.golfstream.co.uk

2015 Hill Billy

Hill Billy's latest electric trolley is lightweight, robust and thankfully very easy to use.

The 2015 Hill Billy features a new "Pop 'n' Play" battery system that allows the battery to slot straight into place with any fiddly connectors, a two-click folding system for a quick set-up, a simple stop/start speed dial and an adjustable handle bar.

It also comes with a two-year warranty and a no-quibble 28-day trial.

The company has also ensured golfers who wish to switch from a lead acid battery to a lithium battery a year or two down the line can do so without any added expense.

RRP: £259 (lead acid), £359 (lithium)
Colours: Black chassis with either Blue, Green, Cool Grey, Orange, Pink, Red trims
Website: www.hillbilly.co.uk

Golfstream Remote Control DV.8

The Remote Control DV.8 is the flagship trolley in Golfstream's range of four 100% British-built products.

The DV.8 includes a "Sprung" suspension, anti-splatter mudguards, a fold-under zero-tip rear stabiliser wheel, a fold-under anti-clog front wheel, twin 200 watt motors and a "CaddyCell" lithium power source.

Its zero-tip rear stabiliser wheel prevents the trolley from falling backwards on sharp inclines, while the anti-clog front wheel slides out and folds under to make the DV.8 incredibly compact when being stored or transported. 

And with a T-bar handle, hidden aerial and full digital display powered by industry-leading Electromech electronics, the DV.8 can be fully controlled by the handset up to 100m away for direction, flat speed adjustment and braking.

RRP: £999
Colour: Black
Website: www.golfstream.co.uk

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