Ten of the Best: Player irons 2013

On test: 10 of the latest irons for the better player. Results were close but one club emerges as winner

Ten of the Best: Player irons 2013



In the third of a new monthly Golfmagic Club Test series, we survey ten top-end player irons launched within the last 12 months.

What is a player iron?

A player iron is predominantly suited for the mid-to-low handicapper. The better player iron typically provides a clean, classic appearance with a thinner topline in comparison to a game improvement iron.

Better players and most pros tend use forged and bladed heads with solid backs which need a more precise and consistent strike. Forged are hammered into shape from a piece of metal rather cast from a mold. Their heads are also more expensive and less forgiving on off-centre hits but generally deliver a better feel for the consistent ball-striker.

Smaller-sized heads, as crafted into a player iron, can typically be intimidating for the average golfer and hence why these clubs may not be the way forward.

The benefit of a player iron, however, is the ability to shape the ball both ways and to receive superior feel on all shot types. One particular advantage we find with a player iron is workability, particularly in the wind. The feedback from poorly struck shots can also help diagnose any swing flaws you may have.

About the test

To keep the test fair, Golfmagic's Andy Roberts - a 7-handicapper, pictured above right - was joined by PGA Teaching Professional Steven Thomas, pictured bottom right, at World of Golf in New Malden and trialled ten different branded player 6-irons in stiff shaft.

Andy and Steven marked each iron out of ten for appearance, feel and performance and scored separately without consultation - the score presented for each iron is an average of two. This generated an overall score out of 30, with an overall table and conclusion on the final page of the feature.

With each iron, we have also provided details of price, loft, lie angle, length, shaft and grip. The test was carried out in alphabetical order.

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