Yonex Ezone SD

What's the best golf driver this year? We test ten of the latest to help you get better

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Andy Roberts
Wed, 25 Sep 2013
Yonex Ezone SD

Game improvement driver: Ezone SD
RRP: £199.99 Best price: £149
Lie: 60-degree Length: 45.5” Swing Weight: D3
Shaft: Nanospeed 200 Grip: Yonex

Summary: The Ezone SD features a massively expanded sweetspot and lower centre of gravity, 6Al-4V titanium precision casting and plate and highly elastic Nanospeed 200 shaft.

 The big sweetspot looked great at address but the lack of any real alignment aid meant it was difficult to stand over the ball with confidence. The clubhead also had a very late 90s feel about it, likened to the TaylorMade 200 Series. The red shaft with black head was a little off-putting. 6.5

The Nanospeed 200 is an extremely light shaft, yet incredibly stable, and sound at impact was no where near as loud as some of the others. 8

While appearance did little to wag our tails, the Ezone SD had us barking over trajectory. This driver was one of the easiest launching drivers in the test due to the inner weight in the rear of the clubhead deepening the centre of gravity, but with the lack of an alignment aid, we found it difficult to send drives down our target line. Distance was slightly under both our averages. 7.5

Value for money for less than £200 but we’re big fans of an alignment aid, no matter how big or small. A perfect game improvement driver if you struggle to get the ball airborne. 22

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