Cobra AeroJet Fairway Wood and Hybrid Review: "More distance, more forgiveness"

Cobra has once again excelled with its new fairway wood and hybrid. 

Fairway wood is a real rocket launcher, extremely powerful off a tee peg; hybrid is very easy to launch high and straight; MyFly hosel is great for the tinkerers among you as you can dial-in a club best suited to your game
Not a fan of the glossy finish at address, it's a little off-putting but some golfers may like it.

Cobra AeroJet Fairway Wood - Key Features

  • PWR-Bridge Weighting: innovative suspended bridge weight design enables unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole, and positions the CG low and forward to unleash faster ball speed performance
  • PWRSHELL with  H.O.T Face: developed using artificial intelligence and machine learning to create a hotter face
  • Carbon fiber crown: enables a lower CG position for higher launch and added forgiveness
  • Adjustable loft: different loft settings assist to manage trajectory and fine-tune launch conditions; each loft is adjustable up to +/- 1.5 from the printed loft on the head

Cobra AeroJet Hybrid - Key Features

  • PWR-Bridge Weighting: innovative suspended 43g bridge weight design enables unrestricted flexibility of the face and sole, and positions the CG low and forwards to unleash faster ball speed performance
  • PWRSHELL Face Design: forged face insert delivers more flexibility across a larger area of the face for faster ball speed and higher launch
  • H.O.T Face: the face has 15 strategic thicknesses to enhance speed and spin, over a greater area of the face for improved consistency




Cobra has always been a master when it comes to fairway woods and hybrids, and the story is no different with AeroJet in 2023. 

Not only are they fairly priced when up against their competiton this season, both of these Cobra AeroJet fairway woods and hybrids excel in terms of feel, forgiveness and overall performance.  

The Cobra AeroJet fairway wood is extremely powerful, especially off a tee peg, while the Cobra AeroJet hybrid felt extremely easy to launch airborne and keep straight from a variety of different lies on the course. 

While there are LS and Max versions available, we tested out both models in the standard version.  

Let's take a closer look at them...

Player Level

Game improvers and better players looking for a bit more pop with their 3-wood off the tee will want to take a closer look at the Cobra AeroJet Fairway Wood. The adjustablity of the FW will also play into the hands of good players. The Cobra AeroJet Hybrid will suit a range of different players as it's very forgiving and easy to launch. 

Cobra AeroJet FW and Hybrid - Looks and Feel

We must be honest, the looks of both the Cobra AeroJet Fairway Wood and Cobra AeroJet Hybrid are not our favourite on the market this year.

That's all because of the glossy look to the carbon crown. It's just a little off-putting, especially out in the sun (not that we get much of that in the UK!).

For us, a matte finish like we saw on last year's Cobra LTDx line is much more our cup of tea. While there is an element of gloss on the new Cobra AeroJet Driver, which featured in our Best Golf Drivers buyer guide, there's nowhere near as much as on the fairways and hybrids and that's a shame. However, some of you may like that. 

Nevertheless, the shape of the clubhead is appealing, especially with the white scorelines on the face that help frame the ball nicely at address. We've always admired the shape of Cobra fairway wood and hybrid designs, and this year is no different. 

In terms of the standard versions, both the fairway wood and hybrid are fairly compact in their design, similar to last year's LTD family.

Cobra AeroJet FW and Hybrid - Forgiveness and Performance

Forgiveness and performance is thankfully where both of these clubs excel most. 

We will go as far to say both the Cobra AeroJet FW and Cobra AeroJet Hybrid offer a little more forgiveness than the LTDx of 2022. 

The AeroJet fairway wood was giving us around three to five yards more distance off a tee peg, while the hybrid was carrying about two to three yards further. Minimal gains but gains and we'll take them nonetheless. 

We'll go as far to say that the Cobra AeroJet Fairway Wood is the longest 3-wood we have tested this season. You receive a really hot feel off the face, especially when caught out the meat of the club. This is mainly down to the CG being moved lower and further forward in the club. 

The sound of the fairway wood felt great too, and we noted terrific levels of feedback on the whole. 

As always with Cobra fairway woods, you've got a handy MyFly hosel on hand to allow you to play around with the settings and dial-in this club to ensure it's best suited to your game. 

We didn't find the fairway wood to be the easiest to strike cleanly off the deck, but it was more than acceptable. We definitely saw the best results when using this club from off a tee peg, let's put it that way. 

The Cobra AeroJet Hybrid on the other hand was much easier to strike airborne and hit sweetly from a range of different lies on the fairway, intermediate rough and even the first cut. 

But with both of these golf clubs, all we really want is forgiveness.

It's nice there's extra firepower on offer, but you want to find more fairways and hit your ball closer on long par-4s or reachable par-5s.

Thankfully both of these clubs give you just that when compared against last year's line. 

We found both toe and heel strikes with the fairway wood (at least off the tee) were rewarded much more this year, and the same could be said with the hybrid off both a tee peg and off the deck. 

In summary, the AeroJet fairway wood is a rocket launcher, especially off the tee, while the AeroJet hybrid is about as easy they come to hit high and straight from a range of different lies. 

We also played around with the hybrid around the greens on those delicate, finesse shots out the intermediate rough and we pleasantly surprised with the results. Balls were trundling onto the green and down towards the pin.

While this particular shot does take some getting used to, with a bit of practice it can prove a prudent play especially when your ball is lodged right up against the first collar of rough. 

Here's how to play that shot: 



Should you buy the Cobra AeroJet FW and Hybrid?

We would highly recommend both of these golf clubs, despite not liking the glossy finish on them.

The AeroJet fairway wood easily offers you some extra distance, especially from the tee, and the hybrid felt extremely easy to launch high and straight from a range of different lies.

The fact the fairway wood is fully adjustable is also a nice touch as it means you can keep playing around with it on the range until you are happy with the settings.

Whether the improvements on last year's LTDx are enough for you to part with your hard-earned is down to you, but as we say, we strongly recommend you take a look at both of them and see the results for yourself.

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