Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway Wood Review

GolfMagic tests out the new Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway Wood.

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Thu, 11 Jan 2024
Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway Wood

Need To Know

Longest fairway wood of 2024, outstanding looks, low spinning ball flight
There are more forgiving fairway woods on the market
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PRICE: £279.00 YEAR: from 2024

Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway Wood: Key Features

  • A.I designed H.O.T Face: features an optimised variable thickness pattern that delivers more efficient speed & spin across the clubface
  • Lightweight carbon crown: improves weight distribution to position the CG lower and further back, creating a more playable clubhead
  • PWRSHELL insert and PWR BRIDGE weighting: create a more flexible face and sole to maximise launch and ball speed.

Whichever bright spark at Cobra came up with the Darkspeed name for the brand's new 2024 range deserves a medal. Sometimes, names don't need to be overly complicated, and Darkspeed couldn't be a more succinct way of summing up precisely what the range offers—serious speed in a very dark package. 

Featuring a newly constructed lightweight carbon crown, PWR Bridge weighting and an A.I designed H.O.T face; these woods are jam-packed full of new tech, all designed to produce a versatile club that delivers both distance and forgiveness. 

Off the back of the very popular Aerojet series that performed remarkably well in 2023, Cobra has followed it up with a new black-out range of woods that wouldn't look out of place in the next mission-impossible film. 

While looks aren't everything, they have particular importance in modern golf, where the performance margins are so fine, anything to get a competitive edge with consumers can make or break a product line. 

We have to say, at first glance, there are few woods that can rival the Darkspeed for looks, but to see how it performed, we took it to sunny Spain for full testing at the stunning La Hacienda Links Course before putting it through its paces on a QC Quad launch monitor at Custom Golf Works in Surrey.

Let's get into it. 

Player Level
Being one of the lower spinning fairway woods on the market, the Darkspeed X is best suited to golfers with a medium to high swing speed, looking to hit a penetrating ball flight with serious distance.
The X is the longest fairway wood for 2024, and it packs one hell of a punch for anyone looking to gain distance in their long game.

Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway Wood: Looks and Feel

Cobra's designers have knocked it out of the park in 2024 with the Darkspeed range of woods. The all-black finish with blue detailing really stands out amongst the competition due to its simple yet striking design.

Staying consistent with the Darkspeed X driver, the blacked-out matte finish looks fantastic sat behind the ball, with the fairly deep head profile providing a really appealing shape at address.

The head also sits fairly flush to the ground, which we really liked as it feels very smooth on take back and when interacting with the turf through impact. 

the sole features three changeable weights, which not only add versatility to its performance but also complement the overall design beautifully.

The Darkspeed gets a big thumbs up from GolfMagic and will be hard to beat in 2024 in terms of pure aesthetics. 

In terms of feel, the Darkspeed X provides a very solid and crunching sensation at contact. 

Both off turf and the tee, the wood was very easy to hit, and while there was undoubtedly additional feedback from wayward strikes across the face, it felt very powerful. When hit from the sweet spot, there are few models that rival it in 2024.

Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway Wood: Performance and Forgiveness

Of all of the flagship fairway wood models we tested in 2024, the Cobra Dakspeed X sits firmly at the top of the list for distance. 

Averaging close to 270 yards through the air, this wood is an absolute monster. While the margins are admittedly small, the Cobra is the king of distance in 2024, and the consistency of speed we experienced across the face is also a testament to the innovative design the brand has produced this year.

Typically, when testing super long, low-spinning fairway woods, there tends to be a slight drop off in the level of forgiveness on offer. However, we have to commend Cobra, as we found this wood incredibly easy to hit with a strong, piercing ball flight over and over again. 

As previously mentioned, you do receive additional feedback from off-centre strikes; however, the club's ability to remain stable through impact and keep the ball straight is remarkable. 

Compared to other fairway woods on the market, we did find that the Darkspeed X did launch slightly lower than other models. 

All in all, the performance levels produced by the Darkspeed X are some of the best we have seen this year, and it really excels in the distance department as the longest flagship fairway wood of the year. 

Should you buy the Cobra Darkspeed X Fairway Wood?

If you are looking to gain distance off the tee and fairway with your woods in 2024, then Cobra has the answer.

The new Darkspeed X fairway wood is an absolute rocket that produces a penetrating, low-spinning ball flight.

While this wood could be well utilised by a wide range of golfers, we would suggest that it's ideally suited to players with medium to hig swing speeds.

Due to its low-spinning nature, those with slower swing speeds may not be able to achieve optimal performance with it.

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