Tee Box: The best new indoor golf facility in London

Learn more about the latest indoor golf facility to open its doors in London.

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Tue, 11 Feb 2020
Tee Box: The best new indoor golf facility in London

Improving your game can be difficult in the UK, as the weather simply isn't on our side when it comes to golf. It's either too wet, or too cold or too windy throughout the year to really put the hours in and get better at the sport. Indoor golf facilities make practicing that little bit easier as you're not concerned about the weather and most of them are kitted out with the latest technology so you can really understand your game.

Tee Box London has recently opened its doors in the heart of the city centre in St Paul's. A central hub where you can pop in on your lunch break or after work and get the practice in that you were planning to do over the weekend.

This fantastic facility is staffed with friendly and knowledgeable PGA Professionals who can help you with your game and the technology they use is second to none.

We recently caught up with PGA and Tee Box London Professional, Scott Winyard, who can tell you everything you need to know about London's latest indoor golf facility.

1) When did Tee Box first open its' doors?
We first opened our facility near St Pauls early November 2019. Since then we've had a great response from golfers in the city, and I'm happy to say that we're now in full swing! (Excuse the pun).
2) Where can people find Tee Box?
Tee Box is located right at the heart of the square mile, just a 4 minute walk from Bank or Mansion house station, and just 1 minute from St Pauls! We occupy a 2000 sqft site in the newly refurbished Forum, at 33 Gutter Lane.
3) What can people expect at your facility?
Tee Box is fast becoming Golf's Data Driven Community. We pride ourselves on a welcoming atmosphere, where city professionals can really get to grips with their golf, whether through dedicated practice sessions, tuition or virtual golf experiences. We tend to appeal to the serious golfer and we have our technology to thank for that! We currently operate 4 simulators, with 2 more on the way very soon, to include a standalone Custom Fitting suite. 
4) What technology is available at Tee Box?
Tee Box uses the best ball tracking technology in the industry, the Trackman Launch Monitor.
Each Trackman unit allows a player or coach to analyse up to 33 separate points of data with each golf ball hit, as well as club tracking through impact. It's the most complete set of metrics you can attain during a practice session anywhere in the City of London! 
Alongside this, each bay has 2 IDS slow motion cameras for video capture and analysis on every shot you hit. It makes for a very comprehensive practice session, which is all uploaded to your personal account for later viewing.  
5) What can your facility offer that customers won't get elsewhere?
We offer Data Driven improvements. Our technology allows us to set quantifiable targets four our clients, meaning better accountability and more importantly better understanding of their own golf swings. Our clients find it easier to improve when they're able to justify swing changes with metrics.
6) What are the benefits of using indoor facilities such as Tee Box?
The main benefits for our clients are around time management. City life leaves very little time for something as time consuming as golf. An indoor facility such as ours makes golf much more accessible, with a virtual round, practice session or lesson achievable in a lunch break or around work hours without having to leave the city. You'll also never be rained, snowed or hailed on in our facility, something that I personally welcome as someone who regularly uses winter to work on my game!
7) How can customers improve their game at Tee Box?
Through a combination of data driven learning, regular, informed practice and under the guidance of expert coaches. Our team is always on hand to provide clarity, advice and coaching expertise for anyone that chooses to join the Tee Box community. 
8) How much does it cost to use your facility?
We have a number of membership options available at Tee Box. You can become a member for as little as £25 per month, or you can book a 1 hour practice slot for £60. 
We also have membership packages that include additional practice hours, which can be found here.

For more information on Tee Box London, visit their website at www.tee-box.co.uk.