Amazing golf swing impersonator does hilarious video of Henrik Stenson

Check out the best golf swing impressions by the one and only Jack Bartlett...

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Thu, 10 Oct 2019

In a week where Henrik Stenson called time on his legendary 3-wood, what better time for golf swing impersonator Jack Bartlett to assume the role of the Iceman.

We think this is Bartlett's best one of all time, so we're giving this one 11 out of 10....



RIP The Strongest 3 wood ever! @henrikstenson @europeantour #jbimpersonates #europeantour

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But it's not just impersonating the Swede that Bartlett has nailed this year. Check them out below...



Bryson DeChambeau

Very good effort. From the math to the swing, this one is Bryson all over. 10/10.



Happy birthday to the biggest grinder on tour @alexnoren1 @europeantour #JBimpersonates

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Alex Noren

Probably the only Alex Noren impersonation out there, but a fair one at that. The forward lean is spot on, and the accent is spot on. 9/10.



Happy birthday to a European tour legend! @colinmontgomerie @europeantour #jbimpersonates

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Colin Montgomerie

There are plenty of Monty impressions out there, but this one is up there with the very best. The shoulder shrug is superb, as too the Scot's classic follow through.



Miguel Angel Jimenez

Not his best one, but still very funny. From the stretches to the iconic celebration, he's covered just about everything except for the big fat cigar. 8/10. 



Happy birthday @rorymcilroy Keep smashing those drivers! @europeantour #JBimpersonates

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Rory McIlroy

Hard to fault. Doesn't quite look right given Bartlett is taller than McIlroy, and he's also using a red headed Nike driver, but he's still executed this one nicely. 8/10.



Tommy Fleetwood

Probably a bit OTT on the hair, but very funny. The shortened follow through is absolutely spot on. 9/10.



You’re welcome..@bubbawatson #urwelcome #jbimpersonates

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Bubba Watson

A fair effort, especially for a left-handed swing. 8/10. 



Padraig Harrington


Very funny. 9/10.



Phil Mickelson

Different class. 10/10.



Keegan Bradley


One of Bartlett's finest. Hard to fault. 10/10.



Dustin Johnson

Another one of our favourites. Spot on. 10/10. 




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