Another BIZARRE golf swing gets people talking on social media

This swing is definitely unorthodox but look at that tempo...

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Mon, 26 Oct 2020

Another BIZARRE golf swing gets people talking on social media

Another bizarre golf swing has done the rounds on social media lately and as usual it's popped up in the GolfMagic inbox to see what we think and although the swing is something I hope to never see on a golf course again, this guy's tempo is absolutely on point!

In a video posted on the Golf Gods Instagram page, this left-handed golfer can be seen pulling off an outrageous swing, that gets into a top position even Bubba Watson would find a stretch, but with a tempo that Louis Oosthuizen would be proud of. 

Watch the clip below and check it out for yourself:


Flushed it! - @hampusberglunddd

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Going by the tempo and his position on the follow-through, I think it's a safe bet that this golfer is probably a decent player and just uses this trick shot to impress his mates from time-to-time.

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"Whatever it was, it was actually well executed," said one golf fan in the comments, as it sounds like a decent strike in the video and the way the tee flicks into the air is always a good sign.

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"Tempo is beautiful though," said another golf fan.

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