Carly Booth stars in BRILLIANT Paddy Power advert that tackles sexism in golf

Scottish superstar Carly Booth starred in a hilarious Paddy Power advert where she puts a sexist armchair golfer in his place.

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Wed, 18 Nov 2020

Carly Booth starred in a brilliant new advert with bookmaker Paddy Power where she takes on a sexist armchair golfer in a round of golf, after he sent her a message on Instagram, mocking the women's game.

The man in the video, labelled a "gammon head" by Booth, sits down with his friends at the pub and boasts about how he could beat the Scottish superstar "with his eyes closed".

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He sends Booth an arrogant message challenging her to a match, to which the 28-year-old responds, before the pair went head-to-head at Didsbury Golf Club.


The three-time Ladies European Tour winner puts the misogynistic chap in his place, before giving him a taste of his own medicine with a phrase that far too many female golfers have received on the golf course: "Stick to the kitchen sweetheart."

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The video went down brilliantly on social media and received hundreds of replies through multiple accounts.

"Absolutely brilliant! I’m sure most of the female pros I know have had more comments like this than they can count so what a great way to address it! Well done Carly Booth and Paddy Power," said presenter and ambassador for women's golf, The Jazzy Golfer.

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