Coronavirus sparks host of GOLF CLUB CLOSURES... is your club next?

The closing of a historic Dundee golf club could be just the beginning of mass club closures, sources say.

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Mon, 6 Apr 2020
Coronavirus sparks host of GOLF CLUB CLOSURES... is your club next?

Camperdown Golf Club has been officially shut down for good after 60 years of business, but a trusted GolfMagic source believes this could be just the beginning of mass club closures across the U.K, with the coronavirus lockdown sparking financial battles that many clubs won't be able to fight.

First opening its doors in 1959, Camperdown Golf Club has been one of the most loved golf clubs in Dundee and has been described in the national press as one of the 'Magnificent 7' courses in 'Carnoustie Country' and a 'must play' for every level of golfer.

Councillors made the decision to shut the club down to save hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, after numerous attempts to turn the club's financial issues around failed, with the coronavirus lockdown being the final nail in the coffin.

Camperdown Golf Club captain Ian McAlindon labelled the closure a "travesty" and believes the council will later regret its decision.

“I think this decision will come back to haunt them in the coming years. It’s the end of an era," he said.

“It’s a very sad day for Camperdown’s members, the people of Dundee and golf membership holders.

“So many people have been thrown on the scrapheap despite supporting the course religiously for decades.

“We went ahead and celebrated the 60th anniversary of our club last month and many broke down in tears.

“We rallied together and came so close to saving the course. The committee, members and green-staff can hold our heads up high in this travesty.”

Unfortunately, according to sources, Camperdown Golf Club is just the beginning and we could see many more club closures over the coming weeks, should the U.K lockdown continue.

"Camperdown is a historic golf club, one that I have played myself and it's very sad to see it's closing down," our source said.

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"This won't be the only club that ends up closing its doors for good, there will be many more like it and hundreds more people who will lose their jobs as a result of it.

"Running a golf club is a tough business and after the awful weather we were all hit with over winter, many clubs around the U.K were relyng on a busy spring and summer to stay afloat, but if this lockdown continues then unfortunately many won't be able to cope with the financial losses."

There could be a shining light for golf clubs who are fearing the worst, as other countries who have been affected by the coronavirus have started to reopen courses.

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In Denmark, golf clubs have reopened with restrictions in place to keep players safe, by only allowing golfers on the course either on their own or with one playing partner.

Golf courses in Sweden and Estonia are still open, despite the ongoing fight against the coronavirus, whilst clubs in Australia are starting to reopen.

With the U.K still on hold, reports circulated on Twitter recently that the lockdown could be over in a matter of weeks if social distancing continues, but with the peak of the virus predicted soon, the Government could order an extended lockdown.

Some golf clubs have adapted their way of thinking and are doing what they can to survive at a time like this, using technology to their advantage with video coaching and lessons, but unfortunately that's not enough.

No one wants to see golf clubs closing, nor do we want those who work there to lose there jobs, but if this lockdown is to continue, we could be saying goodbye to many more like Camperdown Golf Club.

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