Golfer in BIG TROUBLE with his partner as text at the course goes HORRIBLY WRONG

Golfer has a shocker on text message as he responds to his partner. Let's just hope the locks weren't changed.

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Wed, 15 Dec 2021
Golfer in BIG TROUBLE with his partner as text at the course goes HORRIBLY WRONG

If there is one thing us golfers can't stand while out on the golf course, it's being nagged by our partner about our chosen hobby and to get home as soon as possible. 

To be honest, there is a fairly simple solution to all of that, and it's to turn the phone off and pick things up in four hours time. Or five hours, if there is a trip to the 19th slow play out there. 

Unfortunately for one golfer this week, his instant reply to his girlfriend Cassie went Oscar Bravo before he had even struck his opening tee shot.



"Have fun golfing (again)... please pick up dinner on your way home!" Cassie messaged our golfer in question. 

I mean, I know it's nice Cassie has said "have fun golfing" but she has then absolutely ruined it - and probably now contributed to an extra pint being sunk in the clubhouse - by following it up with "again". 

But here's where the golfer really made a triple-bogey. So much so, he will likely have needed more than a Tesco run after golf to make things up to Cassie. 

"You got it Abby," he texted back Cassie, before immediately writing "Baby". 

Realising his mistake, and likely how their relationship works, he followed it with "Ooooh boy here we go," while the bubbles appeared from Cassie.

The message thread stops there so we will never know what followed, but our thoughts are very much with the golfer at this difficult time.

Let's just hope the locks weren't changed once he put the clubs back in the garage.