HUGE ROW boils over following golf rules violation at LPGA Q-School...

Christina Kim, Kendall Dye, Dewi Webber (and caddie) locked in controversial rules violation...

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Mon, 4 Nov 2019

Another week, another controversial golf rules infraction - this time between three players grouped together in the sixth round of the LPGA Q-Series at Pinehurst No.9.

The incident surrounded Christina Kim, Dewi Weber and Kendall Dye at the par-3 17th, which was the group's eighth hole of the round having started on the 10th. 

According to Golfweek, as Weber was standing over her ball and getting ready to play, Dye gestured to Weber's caddie wanting to confirm which club her player was using. 

When it comes to the golfing rulebook, this breaks Rule 10-2 under soliciting advice and in this case, it resulted in two-stroke penalties for both parties - despite Weber being unaware at the time of any communication between her caddie and her playing partner Dye. 

"I had no idea that was the Rules of Golf," said Dye, pictured above. "Lesson learned." 

Then Kim, the third member of the group, got involved and that's when things really got heated.

Very much aware of what she had seen at the time on the 17th hole, Kim waited until the end of the round to say anything, informing a rules official and both players about the violation. 

Dye and Weber were irate that Kim had waited until the end of the round to bring it up, rather than discuss the issue as soon as it unfolded on the tee. 

Both players became even more angry when Kim took to social media after the round to write: "Quick PSA - if you're a golfer, please read and know the rules. PLEASE!!!"

Following the fallout from the controversial incident, Kim has been defending her actions over the weekend on social media - as you can see here - and even appeared on Golf Channel's Morning Drive where she explained "I wasn't trying to start any drama."



"I've been called a nark," said Kim.

"Unfortunately, the Rules of Golf don't really care about who [are] your friends, don't really care about your personal emotions, and one thing I pride myself in is my integrity and just knowing that I had to do the right thing.

"If I was going to sit there and try to protect my two friends, one, I'm in breach of the Rules, which is something I hold sacred, and two, that's unfair to the other 95 players in the field, so it was a really tough decision.

"I wasn't trying to start any drama," Kim said. "All I was trying to do is just remind people, hey, if you're going to do something just make sure you do it within the confines of what is and isn't allowed."

Dye then took to social media to claim she "had no intention to cheat." You can read her response below: 



To compound matters, Weber and Dye both went on to miss out on earning their LPGA Tour card, while Kim earned hers.

Weber finished tied 67th on 14-over, while Dye ended up in a tie for 51st on 9-over par. Kim, however, finished tied 24th on 1-over par to punch her ticket to the LPGA Tour next year. 

Chinese Instagram star Muni He won the eight-round LPGA Q-Series by three strokes on 21-under par.

The top 45 and ties received LPGA status for next season. 




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