Man sinks full-court putt to win $5000

For the first time in 16 years, a fan won the $5000 prize at the Baylor basketball program.

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Tue, 7 Jan 2020
Man sinks full-court putt to win $5000

For 16 years fans have been trying to win the top cash prize of $5000 at the Baylor men's basketball program and every year they have failed, until now.

The challenge sees a fan from the crowd attempt three putts on the basketball court from different ranges with different cash prizes for each. The prize money goes up the further you go back, with the top prize being $5000 if you can sink the 96-foot putt.

No one had ever won the top prize before in the 16 years of the challenge's existence, until Ky Carlson stepped up to the plate. Ky missed the first two putts from closer range and it looked as though his third attempt was bound to miss as well, but the ball started coming back from right-to-left across the basketball course, before finding the slope of the minature green and dropping in the hole. Watch the moment for yourself below.

Ky had some words of wisdom for future contenstants of the challenge.

“The only advice I can give is every time I’ve ever been here, people over-hit it because they’re on a gym floor instead of a green,” Carlson said. “You almost feel like you’re not even gonna get it to the hole. When I hit most of the putts, I think people were thinking like my second putt, it wasn’t even going to make it there. It just keeps rolling. Don’t over-hit it. Let it have a chance.”

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