WATCH: Golf trip off to shocking start after golf cart finds the water!

Probably not the start these golfers were hoping for on their trip...

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Thu, 25 Feb 2021
WATCH: Golf trip off to shocking start after golf cart finds the water!

Ahh golf trips. There's nothing better than getting away with the boys for a few days, playing golf in the sun, drinking beer after beer and not have the other half in your ear about it being your turn to take the bins out.

Golf trips create memories that will last a life time and for these four golfers, it didn't take long for one moment in particular to become their most-talked about memory for years to come.

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Now I'm not quite sure how it happened, but my guess is that more beers were drunk than putts were holed during this round and it caused the golf cart to go crashing into the water.


The lads involved were happy to get themselves wet in an attempt to get the golf cart back on dry land and the look on the man's face who was in the driving seat was priceless when he puts his foot down and the cart starts to move.

Unfortunately the mud and weeds in the bottom of the lake clearly get tangled up with the wheels and he quickly realises it's going nowhere very soon.

I don't know if they ever got the golf cart out, but I'm sure it's something they will all be laughing about for a very long time.

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