WATCH: Mini-golfer hits amazing windmill shot for a hole-in-one

The windmill is the enemy of many a mini-golfer, but this girl mastered the shot in Happy Gilmore style...

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Sun, 29 Aug 2021
WATCH: Mini-golfer hits amazing windmill shot for a hole-in-one

When you go for a round of mini-golf, at some point you will encounter a giant windmill that will do its best to annoy you and ruin your round.

You will often have to try and thread your ball through a tiny gap, while the long arms of the windmill will attempt to swat your ball away from the gap.

I know I speak for many people when I say that it can become infuriating when this happens, but maybe we should take a leaf out of this girl's book in the video below.

Stepping up with calmness and no fear, she hit her ball to the left of the gap. The ball bounced in the air and while it was in the air, the arms of the windmill knocked her ball to the left and on to the putting surface near to the hole.

To her and her playing partner's amazement, the ball was now rolling near the hole and unbelievably, the ball dropped into the cup to the girl's delight.

Both the cameraman and the girl laughed after the ball dropped in. The route that the ball took is reminiscent of some of the shots that Happy Gilmore played when Chubbs took him to an adventure golf course in the cult film. 

Golf fans reacted to the amazing hole-in-one:

"Plot twist: that was the mission," one fan said.

"Happy Gilmore, go to your happy place," one fan commented.

"Happy Gilmore style that," another fan said.

"Luckier than my dad!" another fan commented.

"Like something out of Happy Gilmore, imagined her happy place," one fan said.