Bubba Watson: swing sequence

What you can learn from the unique swing of the two-time Masters champion

Bubba Watson: swing sequence

Bubba Watson's loopy left-handed thrash might look wild but there is a lot to like, says PGA Advanced Fellow Ian Clark

1. So far, so normal. Note how Bubba has bent forward from the hips, with his belt tilted toward the ball, and the clubshaft pointing through the belt.

2. No rolling the clubface open here. See how Bubba keeps his trail arm (left arm) straight, and on top of his lead arm (right arm).

3. You want width? You got width. Both arms are still comfortably straight with little, to no, wrist cock.

4. The vertical nature of Bubba's swing is so evident here. Look how the clubshaft points toward his toe line rather than the ball line, where conventional wisdom says it should.

5. If you struggle to make a full hip turn, do as Bubba does and let your trail leg (left leg here) straighten somewhat.

6. Bubba actually reminds me of Jack Nicklaus in this photo - hands high, with the trail elbow away from the body.

7. This position just stinks of power! The hips are unwinding with the upper body resisting, which pulls his lead arm across his chest. This is X-factor stretch at its best.

8. Though Bubba hits the ball miles, he has great rhythm. This pic highlights how he sequences his downswing correctly - lower body first, then upper body, then arms, then the club.

9. Here you can see how Bubba has pushed his body pressure downward and forward, while at the same time opening his hips. This is textbook.

10. This puts the "pow" into power. Try to get your lead leg and trail arm straight like this just after impact - hello, extra 20 yards.

11. Nothing too quirky about this is there? Again, note the clubface - get yours looking down at this point in the follow-through for straighter shots.

Ho-hum, just another 320-yard tee shot.

Photos: Mark Newcombe/Visions in Golf

Words by Ian Clark

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