Toughest Golf Shots: chipping from deep rough

Tiger's former coach Hank Hankey provides us with a quick simple way to beat that shocking lie

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Tue, 11 Jun 2013

The chipping from deep rough shot is our first short game article in the Golf's Toughest Short Game Shots series.

You think your ball has harmlessly missed the green but it ends up in the deep rough just off the second cut. What club or shot should you use?

Tiger Woods' former coach Hank Hankey talks us through the basic elements of the stroke with a few simple steps you can try out next round...

If you cant watch Hank's quick video, here are his five top tips to take away...

1. Maybe the most obvious rule: make sure it's your ball you're playing.

2. Use the sand wedge: it's the heaviest and the most, or second most, lofted in your bag.

3. Open your stance, put the ball in the middle of your stance, and open the club face.

4. Pick arms up quickly: this will allow the club to generate more speed through impact.

5. Cock your wrists and don't follow-through all the way.

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