Justin Rose: ball postion is crucial

Justin Rose reveals that simplicity is the key to better golf

Justin Rose: ball postion is crucial

Justin Rose’s approach to golf is epitomised by his thoughts on ball position in his stance. It relies on simplicity, just like the Englishman's clockface wedge method and his faultless swing sequence.

Below are Rose's top tips on ball position.

"The higher you need to hit it, the further forward it needs to be in your stance – and that works from driver to wedge," says Rose.

Ball postion for long irons

"Generally I don’t think amateurs have the ball for their long irons, forward enough in their stance," he says. "They have it towards the middle and then hit behind it or thin it. The ball should be two or three inches behind left heel. You need to imagine you are sweeping it so that at impact the full loft of the club is presented to the ball."

"If the ball is too far back there’s not enough loft or you’ll try and help it up in the air."

Ball position for driving

"Generally the same rule applies to the driver. You can’t get the ball far enough forward in your stance. Nobody is going to have it outside their left heel as it’s too uncomfortable. So get it as forward as you can by your left heel."

"It’s amazing how much more time it feels like you get into the ball. Obviously it’s only a split second but it allows you to release the club head."

Ball position in bunkers

Bunker shots should also be played with the ball in the same position Rose says. "I heard Tiger say his bunker play improved when he put the ball a little further forward. It gives you a bit more time and presents the full loft of the club to the ball."

Rose added that it’s important to experiment with your stance and how open you can stand to the ball to vary the height you want the ball to travel.

First Published December 2005. Updated September 2013

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