Leadbetter gives Golfmagic a lesson

Assistant Editor Andy Roberts treated to five-minute instruction session at La Manga

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Thu, 18 Sep 2014
Leadbetter gives Golfmagic a lesson
Andy in full flow in front of Leadbetter

GOLFMAGIC assistant editor Andy Roberts was treated to a five-minute instruction lesson with the world's most famous golf instructor David Leadbetter at the new Leadbetter Academy at La Manga Club on Monday.

Here's what Leadbetter had to say about Andy's swing after watching him strike three shots with an iron...

David Leadbetter instruction

Hi Andy, alright let's take a look (Andy hits three balls with an 8-iron as Leadbetter looks on in disbelief).

First off, let's put the ball a little further back in your stance and try to feel as though you have more weight on your front foot.

You're a little on your back foot too much, a little too far behind it and not quite as balanced as I'd like to see. This position is okay with the driver but with your irons, you really want to be more centred (shuffles Andy into position, getting him to place more weight on left foot). Great, you look much better.

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You swing a little quick too, as you don't set the club very well, a bit like a hockey player. Try to pace your swing with your turn. In other words, don't swing any faster than your stomach can move. Take things a little slower. Where you are, your arms move pretty rapidly and your body doesn't really have a say in the matter.

Taking a look at your grip, you've got the grip a little too much in the palm of the hand (draws on Andy's glove to show him where he should be holding the club). I want to see the grip a little more in the fingers. When the grip is in the palm it inhibits your ability to hinge the left wrist (for power) and to square the clubface at impact (for control).

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Having the club in a different position like this, you've achieved a little bit more wrist cock without even trying - and that's just natural. With the grip in the palm of your hand, and swinging as fast as you swing it, you're actually losing power as you're not leveraging the club enough.

Do it a little slower, lean a little left... good, you're in great position now. I want to see you get through to your left side. Wind it up and get through it.

(Andy hits) Yeah, really good, you'll notice a little higher ball flight too.

All in all, you've got a pretty good swing, but it's just little things. Change the grip a little moving it more into the fingers and I want to see the ball further back in your stance with weight a little more on the left side so you're more centred over the ball. It takes a little while to get to the top but you will complete your backswing a little more. It should help the wrist too and you won't stress your hand as much.

(Andy shakes Leadbetter's hand, waves goodbye, with a slight tear in the eye).

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