Choking in majors? Rory? LIV? Lefty's latest social media activity is WILD

LIV Golf's Phil Mickelson appears to be back on social media permanently, with Rory McIlroy and the PGA Tour in his cross hairs. 

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Mon, 30 Jan 2023
Choking in majors? Rory? LIV? Lefty's latest social media activity is WILD

It seems like Phil Mickelson, the face of LIV Golf, is well and truly back on social media. 

Mickelson's app went into hibernation in February of last year when his "reckless" comments about his dealings with the Saudis were revealed to the world. 

The six-time major champion returned in June and, on the face of it, appeared to be a shadow of his former self. 

Mickelson turned heads when he rocked up to the LIV Golf draft party near London with jet black hair. It was even slicked back. 

Mickelson also wore a leather jacket. And he had a beard. 

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Then what followed over the following weeks and months was Mickelson being asked questions he simply couldn't answer. 

Mickelson was widely criticised for joining LIV Golf. Truth be told, it was an onslaught of condemnation. 

Particularly, by the families of the 9/11 victims and those who survived the September 2001 New York terrorist attacks. 

The decorated golfer responded by saying that he had "the deepest of sympathy and empathy" for those affected.

Whilst all this was happening, Mickelson's Twitter account remained largely dormant. 

Still, he was "liking" some posts that suggested he wasn't happy and felt aggrieved. 

But in recent weeks he's started posting again. Perhaps soon, we'll get some videos?

Mickelson's first interaction came when he complimented Ryder Cup Europe captain Luke Donald over a chip shot the Englishman hit without a pin

There wasn't any real drama there. 

But in recent days the takes have slowly been filtering in. Mickelson, reader, is absolutely on one. 

First up Mickelson took issue with the PGA Tour after Sam Ryder got his ankles out at Torrey Pines. 

He wrote: 

"The Tour doesn't allow shorts but does allow this weeks leader to wear joggers with ankle socks? Showing 4 inches of ankle? I'm no fashion guy, never will be, but there are some things I won't ever understand."

Next, we saw Mickelson take a pop at Rory McIlroy

The latest update is that someone responded by telling Mickelson to concentrate on playing "those three-day captain's choice tournaments and leave the real golf to the PGA". 

Mickelson then claimed that winning on the PGA Tour was "pretty easy" and that LIV Golf events are "much tougher". 

See here: 

Another person chimed: 

"​Last time I checked Phil your career has been loaded with Sunday chokes, especially in majors #wingedfoot".

Mickelson's response? 

As I type this, Mickelson logged in yet again to add to his previous post about McIlroy after he defeated his LIV Golf rival Patrick Reed in Dubai. 

Welcome back, Lefty. 

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