Have LIV attorneys just made a ridiculous (and hilarious) argument? | Opinion

LIV Golf lawyers have conceded the breakaway tour generated "virtually zero" income in 2022, but there was another piece of comedy gold in court docs.

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Wed, 8 Feb 2023
Have LIV attorneys just made a ridiculous (and hilarious) argument? | Opinion

Other than LIV Golf generating "virtually zero" income in their inaugural season, there was another little nugget of what appears to be comedy gold buried in court documents, writes Ben Smith. 

On 6 February, attorneys for the "rebel" tour filed a motion with the US district court for Northern California to deny the PGA Tour's request for leave to add LIV's financier - PIF - and Golf Saudi governor Yasir Al Rumayyan as plaintiffs in their countersuit. 

A trial date for their countersuit has been scheduled for January next year. Attorneys for the PGA Tour have argued Al Rumayyan and PIF have not complied with discovery requests. 

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That trial date is "untenable", according to PGA Tour attorneys. 

LIV argued the delay would cause them harm as they accused their North American rivals of damaging their brand and driving up their costs. 

Then they argued that the PGA Tour was undermining the careers of two breakaway players involved in proceedings. 

Those would be Matt Jones and Peter Uihlein. 

Uihlein, Jones and Bryson DeChambeau are the only players who remain involved in the litigation. 

LIV's motions read:

"The prejudice to Plaintiffs Jones and Uihlein from delay is clear: they risk being unable to earn a living in their chosen profession during the prime of their careers.
"Mr Jones and Mr Uihlein have no secure ability to pursue their profession in 2024. Some Player Plaintiffs are not under contract with LIV past 2023, and are banned from the PGA Tour, the European Tour, and other tours around the world.
"Player Plaintiffs are denied playing opportunities they had earned and need resolution on the enforceability of the Tour's Regulations, suspensions, and conduct.
"And several other golfers in LIV and other professional and collegiate golfers who are considering playing in the Asian Tour or on LIV are making decisions about their future and need clarity from the Court.
"Plaintiffs need relief soon and certainly no later than the current January 2024 trial."

Right, so let's unpack this.

Are LIV arguing that Jones and Uihlein have nowhere to play whilst also at the same time admitting that they've denied them somewhere to play? 

Shouldn't they just give Jones and Uihlein another contract if they are so concerned with their playing opportunities?


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