A lettuce (!) just defeated LIV Golf and a prime minister...

The British public found humour in a lettuce outlasting Liz Truss as prime minister, but it also defeated the controversial LIV Golf Tour.

A lettuce (!) just defeated LIV Golf and a prime minister...
A lettuce (!) just defeated LIV Golf and a prime minister...

When there were murmurings that the UK prime minister could be resigning, the tabloid newspaper The Daily Star set up a stream which showed a picture of Liz Truss on a table next to a lettuce.

The challenge was on and it was very simple. What would last longer: Truss or the lettuce?

After a short and controversial period in British politics which saw a number of economic U-turns by the Conservative party, Truss announced on Thursday afternoon that she'd resigned as leader of the country.

"I recognise that I cannot deliver the mandate on which I was elected by the Conservative Party," Truss said. This was the point when lettuce fans across the world could rejoice.

The lettuce had won. To celebrate in all its glory, a wig was attached to it as well as a 'Keep Calm and Carry On' mug, two Union Jack flags and a paper bag from Greggs.

If you ever wanted to summarise British humour, just take a screenshot of that. However, little did the lettuce know that this was not its first victory while sitting on top of its table.

Last week, @alexpindar on Twitter was watching the stream of the lettuce which had more than 14,000 people watching. Yes, more than 14,000 people were sitting looking at a lettuce on a stream.

This was more than the number of people watching the LIV Golf Jeddah Invitational at that moment, which was eventually won by an emotional Brooks Koepka, 13,966 were tuned in to watch the last individual event of the Saudi-backed series in 2022 ahead of the Team Championship.

Who else or what else could the lettuce conquer? Perhaps it might retire now it has outlasted its primary target the Prime Minister who was only in power for 45 days.

As for the LIV Golf Tour, it is still in pursuit of a network broadcast deal so it no longer relies on free-to-air streaming on YouTube. The new league has been heavily linked with Fox Sports, but it has since denied this which has left the door open to other possibilities.



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