PGA Tour pro labels LIV Golf critic Billy Horschel "a d******** who won't STFU!"

PGA Tour pro Robert Garrigus criticised outspoken LIV Golf critic Billy Horschel on The Grind, describing the American as a "d********". 

PGA Tour pro labels LIV Golf critic Billy Horschel "a d******** who won't STFU!"
PGA Tour pro labels LIV Golf critic Billy Horschel "a d******** who won't…

PGA Tour pro Robert Garrigus lashed out at Billy Horschel over his consistent bashing of the LIV Golf Tour, calling the American "a d*****bag who won't shut the f*** up". 

Garrigus found himself at the centre of a media storm before a single shot was struck in a LIV Golf event when it emerged he had requested a release from the PGA Tour to tee it up at the curtain-raising $25m tournament at Centurion Club just outside of London. 

It sparked a number of headlines relating to his 1043 world ranking and jokes about what the controversial series would become. 

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PGA Tour pro labels LIV Golf critic Billy Horschel

Garrigus later admitted to The Fire Pit Collective's Ryan French on the The Grind podcast he was confused over who leaked his request to the media. He also spoke on the fallout from that media storm, suggesting that Greg Norman should have at least given him a chunk of money for being the first. 

He didn't appear to see what all the fuss was about at the time but he did later admit on the podcast that LIV was essentially trying "gut" the PGA Tour. 

How times have changed. Garrigus joined the podcast again this week - which you can listen to here - to discuss a number of topics with French. 

Garrigus, 44, who has one PGA Tour victory to his name, really didn't hold back. 

He predicted that PGA Tour commissioner Jay Monahan "will be gone" within a year as although he is a "nice guy" he is not a "war time president" and he believes the team around him failed to properly prepare for Greg Norman's upstart. 

PGA Tour pro labels LIV Golf critic Billy Horschel

Garrigus also doesn't appear a fan of Horschel, who has previously labelled some players who have joined LIV Golf as "hypocrites" and accused them of outright lying about their motivations. 

French asked Garrigus if he thought that the DP World Tour "was in trouble" after the emergence of LIV. 

Garrigus told the podcast: "I don't know how they can survive to be quite honest. I mean, it's going to be interesting to see how these people are going to fund that Tour when, well, obviously they are letting the LIV guys play out there and they tried to take a stance.

"But the dude [Adrian Otaegui] who just won played the first three events out on LIV and they were f***ing him the first three days when he was breaking scoring records [and] they weren't even saying anything about him. 

"And then finally he won and finally they had to say something about him because it was his home country. They [the DP World Tour] are being so petty about this because this is just bull****. Because, this is not their fight. This is our deal. This is a PGA Tour player and DP World Tour guys', Korn Ferry guys' [and] all the affiliated PGA Tours. 

"This is our deal and they are making it about them. Not us. And it's really frustrating because there is no reason that the LIV guys shouldn't be getting that publicity. There is no reason that the DP World Tour guys who have played on LIV shouldn't be getting that publicity. 

"Because, to be quite honest, there's only really a couple of players out here that have really taken a stance that they actually care [like] the d******** Billy Horschel, he won't shut the f*** up and I can't stand it."

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PGA Tour pro labels LIV Golf critic Billy Horschel

He continued: "And even Rory [McIlroy] and [Jon] Rahm have taken a step back because they realise this is not a fight you can win. It doesn't matter. It's really frustrating when people say in public, 'Hey, I can't believe these guys on the driving range... like whatever.' 

"You can bow your chest out as much as you want but once you get punched it doesn't matter. You're going to get knocked out regardless. And that's one of the things that I can't stand when guys get on TV and interviews saying all of this s*** about the LIV guys but when they are on the driving range they ain't gonna say s*** to them. Nobody is going to get in a fight on the driving range apart from Grayson f***ing Murray." 

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