PGA Tour is following LIV Golf and Rory McIlroy knows it, admits Greg Norman

Greg Norman says he's "glad" the PGA Tour's Rory McIlroy is starting to "see the light" of LIV Golf. 

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Thu, 11 May 2023
PGA Tour is following LIV Golf and Rory McIlroy knows it, admits Greg Norman

LIV Golf CEO Greg Norman claims that the PGA Tour's Rory McIlroy is "starting to maybe see the light" of his rival circuit. 

Norman and McIlroy, two former World No. 1's, have both been outspoken towards one another and each other's league for over a year now. 

McIlroy infamously called the the league, "dead in the water" early last year before much of LIV Golf was known. 

He also took aim at Norman when he earned his 21st PGA Tour win later in the year, saying it was "one more than someone else."

As a result, McIlroy, 34, largely became the PGA Tour's spokesperson during the latter half of the year as he continued to be outspokenly anti-LIV Golf. 

However, now, Norman claims that the Northern Irishman has begun to "maybe see the light" of his new league. 

Speaking to BBC, Norman said:

"He [McIlroy] is starting to see that this is not an exhibition match or a clinic like he said in the past - this is real." 

He added: 

"These guys are competitors. They want to win and Rory's no different so I'm glad Rory's starting to maybe see the light a little bit. I'm glad Rory's recognised that LIV has truly identified how antiquated the PGA Tour was. 
"I'm glad Rory's recognising that LIV has been a leader in trying to get the PGA Tour to follow us. Why have we done that? Because of the players."

Norman's remarks come after McIlroy admitted back in March that the PGA Tour and other elite golf tours had "benefited" from LIV Golf after changes were made to their new designated events that further reward the players. 

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